5 Mouth Watering Chicken Dishes Worth Trying In India

5 Mouth Watering Chicken Dishes Worth Trying In India

India is known for its culture and for its food all over the world. India being the home country of a variety of aromatic spices, it has developed different taste and food here is inspired by culture, tradition, and location. You find both vegan and non-vegan people here. Every state has its own especially when it comes to food. The food ingredients are used in a versatile way creating food dishes with different taste, flavours, and texture. Chicken is one of the most loved foods by non-vegetarians and certainly one of the popular Indian cuisines known to the world.

Chicken is a versatile ingredient which can be turned into delicious and mouth-watering dishes by perfectly blending spices and herbs with a different style of cooking across different states of India.There are a number of ways in which this popular type of meat is cooked in India. It could be spicy chicken curries or creamy textured chicken or it can be just stir fries. Mughlai chicken dishes like Chicken Rara are special indeed.

Have a look on some mouth-watering chicken dishes all across India:

  • Kolhapuri Chicken:If you are a spicy food lover, this dish would be the perfect option for you as this will tickle your taste buds. As the name suggests, it is of origin of Kolhapur, Maharashtra. This chicken variant has lots of spices and is known for its fiery exotic taste. It can be eaten with rice or any Indian bread.
  • Chicken Hyderabadi:Listing the chicken dishes of India and forgetting Chicken Hyderabadi would be just like a crime. Hyderabad is well known for its non-vegetarian dishes especially Hyderabad chicken curry and biryani. It is a delicious and luscious cuisine with a rich flavour of spices cooked with Coconut, Fresh yogurt, Ghee, and mint leaves.
  • Chicken Rezala:Bengali dishes are an integral part of their festival celebrations. Chicken Rezala is one such dish from the “Land of Tigers”. This delicious non-veg item is a curry with chicken, flour, ghee, and curd.You will find this dish in most of the Muslim restaurants of Kolkatta.
  • MurghRara/Rara Chicken curry:Believed to be of Punjabi origin, MurghRara or Chicken Rara curry is flavourful, aromatic and mouth-watering dish Mughlai dish with heavenly bite. An absolute delight, irresistible, delicious and figure licking food dish for the non-vegetarian folks. The aromatic spices will last longer in your mind.
  • Chicken Kashmiri:This dish comes all away from the paradise on the earth ‘Kashmir’.This dish has quite sweet in taste but flooded with Kashmiri spices making it stand high in the crowd of spicy chicken dishes. With liberal use of asafoetida, dry ginger, fennel, cinnamon, and bay leaf, this would be the dish you will crave for during rainy or winter season.

These were just glimpses of the chicken recipes from Indian state, but the list is endless. Even you will find variety in taste in different parts of a single state. You have a lot more to taste here in India if you are a foodie and got a good appetite. The Indian spices will certainly enhance your food experience.

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