Choosing An Exterior Door

Exterior doors are hugely important to any home, and not only for privacy and security. As the first thing that a visitor sees when they arrive at your property, you want to make a good impression with your front door. A weather-worn front door or a squeaky old patio door isn’t going to do the rest of your home justice, so it’s worth investing in a new one if yours are looking a bit worse for wear. But there’s a lot to consider when choosing an exterior door, so let’s take a look at the basics when upgrading.

Back to Front

The first thing to consider when looking for exterior doors is where exactly it’s going to go. As the grand entrance to your home, a front door has to be the pinnacle of your exterior doors if you have more than one entrance, whereas you can afford to go for something a little more modest for a side door or garage door. Having said this, where patio doors are concerned you again want to choose a bespoke exterior door that can really showcase your garden from the inside, and your home from the outside.

Choosing a Material

It can be a little overwhelming to get your head around the choice of materials available for exterior doors, but it’s essential to get to grips with the pros and cons of each before selecting a door. Wood is obviously the traditional option, and remains highly popular because of its elegant and timeless appearance. Wood exterior doors, when maintained well, can withstand the elements just as well as any other material. Plus you can choose between a variety of materials such as oak, mahogany, hardwood and pine.

For patio doors especially, PVC doors have been popular in recent decades as a low maintenance option. However as more people look to bespoke options they have fallen out of favour. Plus, the rise of composite doors has largely displaced them. Composite doors are made from fibreglass, and can be given a luxury finish whilst also being incredibly robust with great insulation benefits.

Finishing Off

After choosing a material for your doors, it’s time to think about the design, look and finish. Fully panelled doors remain very much the norm for front and side doors, although glazed doors can be a unique finish to a door that looks elegant and stylish, particularly for wooden doors. Patio doors on the other hand can maximise light into a room and offer beautiful views of the garden, so unglazed windows are the usual choice for these.

As a finishing touch, select a handle that will be in-keeping with the period and style of your home to complete the overall look of your doors.

Upgrading your exterior doors can really improve the appearance of your home, both from the outside and within. So if your front, side or patio doors look like they are letting down the efforts of the rest of the house, then choose a bespoke exterior door to replace then and notice the difference.

Article by Kelly Gilmour-Grassam, a lover of doors and words, who often writes for Emerald Doors.

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