Mahesh Navani – Know the Difference Between Patient Safety and Quality

Patient Safety and Quality

In the field of hospital care, you should always ask yourself this question- how safe is your hospital? Most patients often overlook the safety and the quality of healthcare. This might lead to severe infections, negligence, and in some rare cases, even death. It is important for you to wake up to the fact that though health and medical establishments have the moral responsibility to ensure the care and safety of the patient, you will find some hospitals are very good with carrying out this responsibility while some are not!

Mahesh Navani – Understand the difference between patient safety and quality

Mahesh Navani is the CEO cum Co-Founder of eClinicalworks in the USA. He says that when it comes to hospital care, you will often find many cases of errors and neglect in the news. He says that patient safety is a very important factor for a healthcare system. It is here that quality should prevail as well. He says that every clinical establishment should focus on quality and safety so that the patient gets the correct care and treatment deserved.

The difference between patient safety and quality

One must get safe and quality treatment in the healthcare industry. The following are the key differences between safety and quality when it comes to hospitals-

  1. Safety implies there should be no harm caused to the patient when it comes to hospitalization and care. On the other hand, quality implies that the job should be done effectively on time in an efficient way.
  2. Safety means the hospital should avoid anything bad, while quality focuses on conducting everything well.
  3. Safety minimizes the risks of mistake, whereas quality increases the standards of overall health care so that the patient experience is better. Note, your family is concerned about your health, and they want you to get better and return home as soon as you can. As a patient undergoing treatment, you should be educated and speak up in case you notice an error. You, however, should not make any false claims when you report an issue. Like your family, your doctors, nurses, and the whole medical team anticipate a quick and healthy recovery.
  4. When you are admitted to a hospital, ensure that you share all your experiences with your family member. Make sure to remember things so that you are able to get the highest quality of care possible.

Mahesh Navani sums up by saying you should ensure that your hospital is organized and has a modern IT structure for you to report any error that you may note. Make sure you report any issue that you feel is not right or safe as soon as possible to the right person. He says that if you really wish to recover without infections and other health complications, it is important for you to be an integral part of the healthcare system. This will ensure that you will get the peace of mind you deserve along with the treatment that will make you recover from a prevailing injury or illness in no time!

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