Valuable Information About Personal Medical Alarm System

Personal medical alarms are high tech gadgets designed to assist people live independently as well as well cared for both in their homes and community facilities. For example, long term disability or during rehabilitation users do not need to compromise on their privacy or independence by sharing their time with full-time live-in caretaker or need to move to permanent or temporary residential care.

Being watched can give a feeling of claustrophobia, but with PMAs there are no involvements of cameras while monitoring, and thereby allowing personal freedom to a large extent.

Taking care of dementia patients 24/7 is a taxing task, but with sensor mats, their footsteps can be heard and a sudden fall is easily detected. Thus, the caregiver can perform his/her daily tasks with serenity, as they will be alerted instantly in case of need.

PMAs are for personal safety and may be recommended due to some medical condition. Some people living in isolated environment, where help does not reach rapidly consider wearing a medical alarm pendant.

Medical Alert System – Working

In case of need, when the button on the pendant is pressed, a wireless signal gets conveyed to the medical base station. Two way communications takes place with the dispatcher. These medical dispatchers are trained professionals that assist you 24/7. The trained dispatchers help you in case of emergencies like illness, injury, fire, accident, or burglary.

Three Basic Components

  1. Base station
  2. Alarm pendant
  3. Monitoring center

The vital call medical alarm system is designed to supply help as soon as possible.

Benefits of PMAs

  • Connects in seconds to medical base station
  • Rapid response time
  • Better two way voice quality and range
  • Large help buttons for easy usability
  • Pendants are water resistant
  • Lightweight, comfortable and discreet
  • Worn on the wrist, as belt clip and round the neck

When the pendant gets activated the medical base station (connected to the landline) dials the monitoring centre number.

Once the monitoring centre gets connected the medical base station transforms into a hi-powered speaker phone. Thus, you can communicate with medically trained dispatcher remotely through voice module and built-in speaker. The professional team will provide valuable advice needed to sustain till ambulance arrives.

PMA – Buy or Lease

PMAs cost are most probably similar from one company to another but the options to obtain these equipment do. If you buy it, only then there will be a monitoring fee to be paid. In case, you decide to lease it, then there are a range of packages to select from.

Tips to Consider while Shopping PMAs

  • While shopping for PMAs avoid considering the costs only, but select a trustworthy company, whose services suit your personal needs.
  • Make sure that the alarm company is approved.
  • Check the lease terms and conditions carefully. For example, you may need an alarm for just three months rehabilitation period and the company may deliver 36 month contract.
  • Check reviews across the internet and their different plans.
  • Special deals are provided for customers residing under the same roof.
  • Look for alarms, which get activated through lightest press.

The PMA system is available with life time warranty. Extra buttons for other family members or spouse can be bought separately. Selecting a bracelet or necklace will depend on personal preference.

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