Online Reputation Management Case Study By Sparx IT Solutions for Renowned Physician


The client is an esteemed physician for Internal Medicine and Aesthetic Medicine located in Warwick, Rhode Island. With over 23 years of experience as a trusted healthcare provider, he specializes in Aesthetics, Primary care, Geriatrics, Emergency and ICU care. The client completed his MD degree in 1993, after which he went for a residency program in Internal Medicine from Brown and Boston University in 1999.

Client Requirements

Seeking consultation for managing Online Reputation

When the client contacted us, he was in emergent need of an effective reputation management. After many consulting sessions with the client, our team came across the most ultimate solution to help them achieve the goals to add positive reviews. Our professionals analyzed their case and designed a reputation management plan.

How Sparx IT Solutions Maintained The Client’s Positive Reputation

We understand the importance of a good online image, therefore came up with the best reputation management techniques. Our specialists utilized cutting-edge online strategies to ensure amazing results. With an eye focused on availing positive search results in the first page, we compiled some of the best ways to encourage a steady stream of positive reviews from existing patients.

Sparx IT Solutions’s Strategy

After getting approved by the client, our talented professionals headed towards a positive search result which included:

  • Creation of a unique content: With the help of unique, well-optimized content written by our extremely talented and experienced writers, we helped outrank any unrelated reviews appeared on the web.
  • Content Syndication: Our experts used this fresh and keyword rich content to get crawled by search engine bots. We adopted this process to post the blog or video content into the best websites to kick the unrelated content out of first page of the search engines.
  • Link building: Our team launched a link building campaign on niche websites, blogs and social media channels and started sharing positive buzz on these platforms.
  • Video promotion: In order to grab consumer’s attention through an influential message, we started off with professional video promotion to get our client’s profile placed on top of the major search engines.
  • Social Media Promotion: Our experts made use of top social networking platforms like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter to strengthen profile visibility.


The client was delighted with online reputation management solutions as it worked the same way as planned and expected. This ORM campaign lasted for about 2-3 months. The outcomes were even more impressive wherein 2 of the 3 targeted keywords started ranking in number 1 position. Page views got multiplied whereas the bounce rates declined. In short, there was an overall increase seen in traffic.

Client Testimonials

[themeone_quote color=””] The team at Sparx IT Solutions is courteous and professional. They helped me with qualitative ORM solution within a stipulated time frame. Following the same plan, I could view a considerable increase in traffic, user engagement and brand awareness. I really appreciate their efforts and look forward to a continued engagement.

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