Checks To Do Before Hiring A Driver

Drivers are responsible for the safe deliver goods or transport people from one location to another. There needs to be thus ample amount of trust that you are being able to repose on a person who you hire for this job. Here, we have compiled a list of things that you must check when hiring a new driver.

  1. Driving license

This is an absolute must to avoid any legal hassles that may arise in case of accidents. This will be particularly helpful when the police and/or insurance companies are involved.

  1. Experience

It is always better to recruit a driver having some experience under his/her belt. Such drivers would always know the city like the back of their hand and be able to beat the traffic by avoiding busy routes through short cuts. They would also know how to drive safely during heavy traffic or when dealing with reckless driving by other drivers.

  1. Background history check with past employers if any

Background checks are necessary if you are looking to hire a driver you can trust. Talking to past employers opens up a lot of new aspects about the behaviour of a candidate you may be looking to hire, after which you can take a suitable decision.

  1. Medical history

You wouldn’t want a driver who might one day suddenly suffer severe complications from either some sort of disease/complication or from ingesting some narcotic substance while driving! It is imperative that you ask for a medical certificate that certifies that the candidate is fit for hiring.

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