How To Care For The Natural Christmas Tree

How To Care For The Natural Christmas Tree

Taking care of a natural Christmas tree, which is not very complicated but doing it wrong can lead to finish, this same tree can not be planted. In gardening see now how to care for the natural Christmas tree.

How To Care For The Natural Christmas Tree

Care of the Live Christmas Tree:

When caring for the natural Christmas tree, it is important to know exactly how we need to plant it in a container in which you will be in every Christmas, and one of the first steps that must be clear is that the pot can not be neither too small nor too large.

It’s better then buying it in the place where the tree we buy and where we are going to give one to fit the size of this.

To plant the tree in the pot, the first thing we have to do is put some stones in the bottom, then a layer of soil (which can also be qualified). Now you can place the trunk and adding soil until you see notice that the tree is secured and is mainly stabilized and upright.

You will not need to trim the tree and they’re not watering every day, even if you have some branches too long you can cut them a little.

You should check daily that the soil does not dry. It should always be moist and place a dish under the pot so that the water is not going to go down. You can actually take a bit of water in that planted tree and will ” swallow”.

Replant Live Christmas Tree:

Once the holidays have passed and if we have taken good care of our natural tree can choose to replant the forest and which thus help to protect the environment, and that the tree will continue to grow, especially an investment for our personal satisfaction.

Before starting the tree from the container, we know exactly how this has been placed and you run the risk of pulling too hard and end up destroying the roots.

It is better to opt for taking it to a nursery, where they planted smoothly and also appreciate that we do so, since they often have areas that are repopulated with trees of these dates.

If you want to do in your garden, you can choose to change the pot for a larger or directly planted in the ground and see that it lacks moisture and above the temperature is not too high.

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