The Frequently Asked Questions About A Dog Bite

When a dog attacks and causes harm to a person be it deliberately or when provoked, the wound caused may be considered as a dog bite. It has been declared that any sort of skin damage caused to a human by a dog either by the tooth or the nail of the dog, the incident needs medical attention.

If either you or someone known to you has been hurt by a dog then the victim needs immediate medical attention. Try to document the injuries either through photographs or by the medical records. Try and contact an attorney on time to be able to file for compensation before it gets too late. You may even seek help from dog bite legal group and take steps accordingly.

The Frequently Asked Questions About A Dog Bite

The Various Types of Bites

The injuries may be classified on different basis. They are as follows:-

• Bite on face, eyes and noses are common.
• Finger and neck injuries are common too
• Some injuries may cause vision loss
• Dog bites may cause wounds, lacerations and abrasions.
• They may cause fracture of bones
• The bite may lead to infections and get cancerous

Dog Bite Covered under the Law

There are various states that have got coverage for dog bites under the law. Some of the laws are severe to the extent that they prevent residents from keeping dogs as their pets.

The laws against the pet keeping of the dog are so serious that if any harm is caused by the animal to any human, it is considered to be the sole responsibility of the owner of the pet.

Dog – in general

The dogs that have not been vaccinated or are not looked after are 300% more prone to cause harm than the others. Some dogs are so aggressive that their tendencies have led to a ban of keeping them as pet like pit bull. Some passionate animal lovers, who still keep them as pet are liable to fine.

Insurance Coverage for Dog Bites

The insurance coverage is a different angle altogether. If the owner of the dog has the insurance coverage, then the dog bites are covered under this insurance. Renter’s insurance provides for insurance coverage too. Though there is no universally accepted rule yet the lawyers are capable enough to apply for the case and handle the circumstances.

If either you or any one known to you has been hurt or harmed by a pet dog then you are fully entitled to file a complaint against the owner of the dog. There are several situations wherein the dog was declared harmful and you were supposed to be cautious, yet the ball can be set rolling in your favor.
It is definitely no fun to know if someone is attacked by a dog. Even if you or someone known to you have been bitten then it is your right to file a complaint and gain compensation against the physical and the mental trauma caused to you.

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