6 Eating Habits That Can Boost Our Brains

Some people thrive academically, but others don’t. There are many reasons for this and it could be caused by our regular consumption of food laced with bad substances. Junk and processed food can eventually be bad for our mind. Any study indicates that people who eat healthy food are likely to perform well in academic settings. So, what are brain-nourishing foods? Here are six things we should do to improve our cognitive abilities:

6 Eating Habits That Can Boost Our Brains

1. Choose colourful vegetables and fruits:

In general, more than a third of our food should be raw and non-cooked. With huge possibilities in the market, we should consider choosing more colourful food. These colors are produced by antioxidants and other very essential substances. We could get creative with our meal. We could add grapes, red apple, tomato, mango, strawberry and other fruits in our bowl.

2. Choose locally-grown, organic food:

If possible, we should choose food that’s grown nearby. Not only it is fresher, we could also be certain that the food is grown or raised through organic methods. As an example, milk could contain traces of pesticides if the cow is given pesticide-contaminated feed. We should choose organic-based food, to ensure the safety of our family members.

3. Choose food with good fats:

Healthy foods could have great effect on our brain. Some fishes could e rich in DHA and it is a type of omega-3 that helps build our brain. Parents should eat more omega-3 when they are pregnant and give foods with this substance to their infants. People who receive enough DHA when they are younger are more likely to thrive academically.

4. Avoid salt-rich foods:

Sodium is a common seasoning and also an important element to maintain electrolyte balance. However, too much salt can be bad for our body and mind. Students typically eat more salt-rich snack. Fortunately, it is quite easy to deal with salt cravings. When students want more salt, they should choose sweeter fruits to get their mind off those salty snacks.

5. Avoid sweet foods:

In many cases, people could eat more than 40 teaspoons of sugar each day. Sugar poisons our mind and it could cause sluggish intellectual performance. It can boost our energy, but it is important to eat sugar at reasonable amount. It is important to avoid eating things like chocolate cake, apple pie, ice cream and stick gums. Unfortunately, students often eat them.

6. Drink enough water:

We should be sure that we have the opportunity to drink enough water. Like the rest of our organs, brain is consisted mostly of water and dehydration could cause sluggish mind. Water can make the connections between neurons reasonably smooth. Instead of carbonated beverages, soda and energy drinks; it is a good idea to drink plain water or fresh fruit juices.

We should take care of our brain to ensure joyous, healthy and vibrant life. In the end, love is essential. If we love and appreciate ourselves, we will try to give our body all it needs and avoid all it hates. Optimizing our brain can is an easy thing to do.

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