Make The Most Of The Outdoor Event Season

Make The Most Of The Outdoor Event Season

The summer season is upon us and the outdoor event schedule will soon be in full swing. From exhibitions and trade shows to food and music festivals, B2B or B2C, the popularity of these events that happen all over the UK, is growing. The increased appetite and attendance also means increased competition from other exhibitors so you need to ensure you stand out in order to draw people to your stand. Planning for your next event should be like a military operation in order to maximise your exposure and get the most out of your investment.

Be Prepared

An outdoor event held in the UK can be an unpredictable entity. Regardless of the time of year you need to be prepared for inclement weather so ensure your exhibition stand can withstand rain and high winds. It may be necessary to invest in a stand that is designed for the outdoor environment instead of an indoor exhibition hall, one that is suited to uneven ground for example and that has a roof to protect your visitors from the rain. If your stand is dry, warm with refreshments on offer you will not only be able to attract more visitors but you will also encourage them to stay longer giving you and your team more time to develop a relationship with them. A positive environment will also ensure the morale of your event team remains high which is essential when representing your organisation.

Shout Out Loud

So your objectives are set, you now need to ensure your message gets across loud and clear to all your prospective customers. You need to ensure you stand out from your competitors and that you use every trick in the book to promote your brand, your products and services. There is always plenty to distract people’s attention at outdoor events so you will have to put in additional effort to make sure you don’t fade into the background. Brand your stand, use your logo and company colours, posters, banners and feather flags for maximum exposure. Imagine your outdoor exhibition stand is a portable version of your office that reflects your company’s vision and values. Have a clear message and make sure there is absolute continuity throughout your marketing collateral. Again bright colours and bold images will attract attention and why not consider running a competition or demonstration on your stand. This will help engage the passers-by and keep people on your stand longer giving your team the opportunity to promote your products and services.

Engage Your Staff

Before you attend your event meet with your event team to ensure they fully understand the objectives of being there. If you have activities running on your stand then assign responsibilities to each person, as the event will run smoothly when each person knows exactly what they are doing, whether it is running the demonstration area or competition or being responsible for lead generation. The meeting will be the perfect opportunity to decide on the dress code whether you are going in business dress or branded clothing, either way you need to look like a team and reflect the values of your organisation and make sure they remember to smile! A happy, friendly, welcoming stand will not only do wonders for your reputation but for your bottom line too. Events are very hard work but are also great fun and can become a bit of a team building opportunity as you often spend several days in the company of your colleagues so ensure spirits are high and that your team are motivated to maximise the opportunity. Think of incentives you can offer them, set targets to encourage them to work hard and have fun!

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