Protecting Yourself From Gadget Radiations- DIY TIPS

Cell phones, laptops, Wi-Fi routers, desktops are making life smarter, we are surrounded by electronic gadgets and our dependence on them is on an unprecedented high. While the benefits of these devices are known to one an all we fail to scrutinize the ill effects of the same, we fail to understand the harm the cause us. These gadgets emit large amounts of Electro Magnetic Radiations also known as EMR which are a cause of various health issues among humans. Stress, nausea, heart diseases, obesity, lower sperm count, body ache etc are few of the many health problems that have become a part of our lifestyle due to overuse and dependence on gadgets.

Not just gadgets electrical appliances like microwaves and refrigerators are also major contributors to the EMR creating havoc with our well-being and health. The intermingling of these devices with our daily lives and routines cannot be undone, so how does one tackle these effects of radiation and protect our loved ones? A few simply do’s and don’ts can prove to be highly beneficial considering the fact using these devices is the need of the hour. So one certainly cannot do away with them, instead they should follow a few simple steps as follows-

Protecting Yourself From Gadget Radiations- DIY TIPS

  1. Switch of any such devices when not in use

We are so habitual to gadgets and electronic devices that we do not feel the need to switch them off even when they are not is use. For instance you can switch off your mobile at night or turn off the Wi-Fi router while not using the internet.

  1. Maintain considerable distance

Avoid placing your refrigerator or microwave at place where you often sit in your home, instead make sure they are kept at vacant places away from living area and bedrooms. Be sure to put your mobile phone away while sleeping or when not in use, keep it your bag rather than keeping it in your pocket closer to your body. Laptops must be kept on hard surfaces so that the vent gets enough space for outlet of heat and radiations avoid its usage on your lap or soft surfaces like your bed. Make it a habit to sit away from your system, it not only protects your eyes but the distance also cuts down the effect of Electro Magnetic Radiation.

  1. Keep call durations short and use earphones whenever possible

We are habitual to talking on the phone for long hours but keeping your phone near your head for prolonged time can be heavily damaging tour mental and physical health. When talking on the phone is unavoidable switch to ear phones, it keeps the phone away from your head and protects your brain from damage.

With advancement of technology innovative ways have been devised to combat ill effects of radiation. You can cut down the harm of EMR by using anti- radiation chips available in the market. These chips change the nature of radiation protection chips hence protecting your health.

Do not let technology overtake your life, regulate your gadget usage to stay safe and healthy.

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