Ensuring Safe Outdoor Electricity

Electricity is very dangerous, so when handling it outdoors, you need to make sure that you are taking the necessary precautions.  The most important thing to ensure safety when using electricity outdoors is to use ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets.  These types of outlets will automatically disconnect the electricity if the device starts to leak power.  The reason this is so important is that generally when using electricity outdoors electrical current and water are often in close proximity.  The GFCI outlets are not only lifesaving, but also reasonably priced.

Ensuring Safe Outdoor Electricity

Make sure that you avoid water at all costs when handling electricity outdoors.  If an electrical appliance, tool, or device falls into any water source make sure before you attempt to remove it from the water that it is unplugged.  It does not matter if the water source is a small puddle or a large swimming pool.

In today’s world, many garden tools and lawn mowers are powered by electricity.  When you are finished with them do not leave them plugged in because it is very easy to trip over the cords attached to the mowers or tools.  If you are going into the house or garage for just a minute, make sure that you turn the power off and unplug them.  You want to make sure that the mower or tools are not accidentally turned on, especially by a curious child.

Many times homeowners choose to install outdoor lightening around their house, such as at Christmas times when decorating the house with lights.  Check the lights before you put them outside to make sure that they are labeled for outdoor use.  If not, you are taking a risk using them.  They could short-out and cause a fire.  When dealing with electricity outdoors, make sure that you are wearing regular shoes, not flip-flops, or sandals.  This includes using an electrical lawn mower or electric garden tools.  If you are not wearing the proper footwear, you are more at a risk for an electrical shock, which could be strong enough to be fatal.

When working with outdoor electrical devices follow the manufactures instructions.  If you notice that the electrical devices are damaged or have a frayed electrical cord, do not plug them in.  They should be replaced to avoid the risk of shock.  Only use extension cords that are labeled for outdoor use and that they are marked for the power needs of the equipment you are using.  The equipment designed to be used outdoors is made of insulation, three-way grounding, and heavy-duty wiring.  Keep any ladders you use away from power lines and use a wooden or fiberglass ladder.  If there is a fire that involves outdoor electricity, know the safety precautions and what you should do.

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