What Should You Include In Your Day Trip Kangaroo Island?

Kangaroo Island Australia is the destination for many tourist attractions so; this becomes preferred destination for many to enjoy their vacation.  Your stay in the island will introduce you to the new attraction every day. List of the things that you can explore in the island are huge. A stay about a couple of days is definitely not enough for a person to explore the island. If you are planning for trip to the island, make sure that you have good time enough to explore the beauty of the island. Plan your trip in the island for a while and get most of it.

There are many things to visit in both in day and night trip to the island. You cannot spend the whole night planning to visit some attractions because, you need to take rest. However, penguin center is one best spot where you can spend some good time during your night stay in the island. Day trips to Kangaroo Island has many things to offer you. Let’s look into few of them to know how exciting your experience in the island is going to be.

Natural Beauty

The kangaroo island is the destination for incomparable natural vistas highlighting any outing.  You will be impressed with the incredible rock formations for sure. These rock formations are scatted here and there across island. Though these rocks formations are natural, they resemble as if they were sculpted by professional.  You can see these rock formations scattered on the heights of the cliffs at Flinders Chase National Park.  One more sightseeing at this national park is admiral’s arch. Never miss to visit Kill haves in this park.

Other Sightseeing Places

Visiting Seal bay gives you the experience of ranger guided walks among basking Australian sea lions.  You can get a break from every day routines by visiting Lighthouses at Cape Borda and Cape du Couedi. You can get 360 degree view around the island when you visit mount Thisby which is renowned as prospect hill to honour Matthew Flinders.  You will enjoy sand boarding on your visit to shara which is located on the south coast.  Most importantly, kangaroo island and penguin center at kingscote should be in your must watch list. Having a visit to Murray Lagoon will thrill you with aquatic bird life.

For Beach Lovers

There is huge list of beaches in the kangaroo island tempting the beach lovers to plan for prolonged stay in the island. The island is very huge, it is seven times the size of Singapore. It is difficult for one to explore all the beaches on the island in a single visit. You should make sure that you don’t miss the one that are near to your accommodation or sightseeing places. Dudley Peninsula- Antechamber Bay – Chapman River, Baudin Beach ,Browns Beach, Hog Bay Beach, Penneshaw Island Beach. American River and Districts-  Flour Cask Bay, Pennington Bay and Red Banks. Kingscote and Districts- North Coast- Emu Bay, Stokes Bay ,Snellings Beach ,Western River Cove. West End of the Kingscote and Districts  have Scott Cove and Hanson Bay. South Coast of Kingscote and Districts have Bales Beach, Vivonne Bay and D’Estrees Bay.

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