Internet Surveillance Isn’t Just For The Feds

The growing sophistication and falling costs of mobile devices and gadgets that make use of cutting-edge technology has proven to be a real game changer for private investigators, bail bondsmen and other services that track and locate criminals and those who may have jumped bail. From access to the most comprehensive government databases to software applications designed to perform a greater range of features than would have been possible just a few short years ago, today’s bounty hunters rely on a full range of high-tech devices and services in order to do their job.

Access to Databases and Services

The days of relying on printed mug shots in order to perform a skip-trace or locate a bail jumper are long gone. From digital license plate tracking monitoring and tracking to facial recognition technology able to detect specific facial features from even the largest of crowds, access to a full range of law enforcement databases and services means that many searches are over before they have even begun. These tools can play a key role in locating suspects, persons of interests and fugitives on the run and have aided in countless investigations and searches performed by both the police and private services alike.

Digital Devices Able to Provide Audio Surveillance and User Location

In the past, audio surveillance and information detailing the location of a person was only possible through the placement of a purpose-built device that often required special listening equipment to be within range in order to function. Today’s surveillance tools are a lot more sophisticated. Several applications are able to make use of the functions of a smartphone or other mobile device in order to provide bounty hunters and other professional investigators with the same information that would have required multiple gadgets and devices in the past, and over greater distances than may have been possible.

Applications for Logging and Tracking Keystrokes

The installation of a dedicated program can allow keystrokes and other user-input to be tracked and even broadcast remotely. These programs and applications can provide a level of insight into the online activities of a bail jumper that would be hard to produce through other methods. The installation of key-tracking software and applications that are designed to log and broadcast user input allows bounty hunters and private investigators to obtain a more complete picture of their target’s activities, one that may allow them to ascertain a location more quickly and with a greater degree of accuracy.

Drone-Based Surveillance

Aerial surveillance, previously a resource that was only available to the most well-equipped organizations and well-funded professionals, can now be performed for a fraction of the cost thanks to remotely-operated camera drones. These devices allow for quick and easy aerial surveillance, allowing bounty hunters to search a wide geographical area in real-time, monitor associates who may be operating in the field and enjoy a birds-eye-view without having to worry about additional expenses. Remotely operated devices and equipment are finding a variety of field-uses that have benefited private investigators, skip-trace services and bounty hunters in locating their targets.

Kyle Carter is a blogger and professional bail bondsman in Oklahoma City, OK. Kyle is passionate about sharing information online through his blogs, on youtube, and provides bail bonds services in OKC to his local community while working with C&K OKC Bail Bonds.

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