How To Get Rid Of Light Scratches On Your Windshield

Not like the other mirrors in your car, the windshield glass is exposed to severe wiping, rubbing, and overall cleaning routine – and sometimes it’s wiped by shabby wiper blades. Scratches on your windshield are frustrating and even dangerous if they alter your vision. Though you can always use polishing liquids that assure to remove any scratches but many experts don’t buy this solution.

Numerous car scratch removers can help eliminate minor scratches, swirl marks, hazing, and oxidation. But, cars with deep scratches need scratch remover kits that have touch up paints. If you’re not keen on the DIY part, you can always visit a workshop and let professionals do it.

Below are steps from First Response Auto Glass you can follow to repair light scratches. After completing the repair, you must continue to check the affected area to make sure that the damage will not worsen.

How To Get Rid Of Light Scratches On Your Windshield

1. Check the Type of the Scratch

To know if the windshield scratch is light or deep, run your finger or nail on the scratch. A light scratch is smooth to touch, and this scratch can be easily fixed. On the other hand, if running your finger or nail on the scratch, it’s caught, then this means you’ll need a windshield replacement. Deep scratches will worsen, and it may eventually break. Also, it can’t be repaired by any repair kit.

2. Purchase a Glass Repair Kit

Buy a glass repair kit on any auto repair shop or auto parts store. The repair kit contains a rubbing compound that you can use to remove the light scratch and restore the windshield.

3. Clean the Windshield and Apply Rubbing Compound

Clean the windshield completely with soap and water. Make sure to rinse all the remaining soap with water, and dry the windshield before you apply the rubbing compound on the affected part. Put rubbing compound on the scratch, the compound has a toothpaste-like consistency and can be applied easily. Sprinkle the compound with water and then with a piece of cloth, lightly rub the compound, making sure not to apply excessive pressure.

Rubbing compounds normally have cerium oxide. This component aids in sealing and bonding the scratch, which prevents from worsening and cracking the windshield.

4. Allow the Rubbing Compound to Dry

After rubbing the compound on the scratch, let it dry according to the package instructions. It normally dries after 30 minutes. Wash the windshield entirely and dry it with the use of a piece of cloth.

The rubbing compound will repair the scratch on your windshield. But you will need to reapply from time to time to make sure that it stays fixed. If the affected area becomes deeper, you may have to ask the help of professionals to take care of your problem.

If you require window replacement in Victoria BC, contact First Response Auto Glass.

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