Different Ways To Make Extra Money

The Internet is an interesting place and allows for many strange things to happen. With workloads getting longer and the cost of living getting higher and higher many people have to seek alternative form of incomes. Luckily with the Internet you can run a side project to make extra money on the side with little time investment.

Make Money Online

Become A Virtual Companion

People are lonely and in the age of technology and social media people seem to drift more apart. Seemingly more focused on how they are perceived by the public then building real and lasting relationships. Therefore the trend of begin a virtual partner has boomed. This is where someone can pay another person for texts, emails and live chats. It benefits both sides as one person maybe has the money but doesn’t have the time to make friends and the other person has the time but no money. In China this trend is taken to the extreme with boyfriends and girlfriends being hired over the holiday period when an individual returns home to visit their family. In these cases the hired partner gets paid and an all expenses paid for holiday. A pretty sweet deal if you can keep up the act.

Sell Your Used Panties

A common fetish among men the buying of used panties has been going on for ages. It has gotten more popular as the Internet has become easier to navigate. Most girls only want to sell their used panties as a side project while remaining anonymous and previously this wasn’t an option as you had to be “in the industry” and other online stores refuse the selling of adult content. However, now with the ease of the Internet and everyone seemly to be able to make their own website, selling and buying used panties has become much easier and discreet. The demand from guys wanting to buy used underwear has turned many young girls into entrepreneurs. If you aren’t a computer wiz and don’t know how to get started for yourself you can always contact one of the many sites that sell used panties on behalf of other girls. These sites will usually take a cut of the commission.

Food Voyeurism

This trend has only become popular in recent years and basically involves a person eating while logged on to the Internet and allowing for others to watch them eat. Many people who are hooked on this trend say that it gives them a sense of connection and the person on show and make them feel less alone when they are at dinnertime themselves. The person on the other end makes money via donations from their fans and well as gifts of food and other things. Many people have even managed to quit their day job and focus entirely on promoting themselves in this field.

So if you are ever feeling a bit tight don’t stress, with the Internet anything is possible and you can make money in many ways. You just have to find a niche of your own and work towards building a fan base.


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