Why Magento? A User’s Look At The Benefits Of The Shopping Cart

I have been using Magento for a couple of years and it is in my opinion the best shopping cart on the market. Like every other platform, Magento has its flaws, but the advantages of this software are just impossible to ignore:

The Vast Array of Features

Out of the box Magento comes with an impressive list of features, which are difficult to find in other hosted or even open source carts. What’s even more amazing, these features are literally offered for free, which makes Magento very competitive, especially in comparison with hosted shopping carts. Contrary to what people say, you do not need to know much about Magento software to create a simple online store using only the out-of-the-box functionalities, although you will need more expertise to create one of a kind, professional online store. Of course, as a designer you do not have to be limited only to functionalities delivered together with Magento software. Internet is full of free and paid plugins, which you can use to develop your online store beyond the basic features.

There is no secret that programmers love to use modern fancy things and hate to use outdated tools, so you may find it a bit difficult to find people willing to support your old store. There are thousands of Magento development companies in the world, more than 300 of them are official Magento partners, it is a huge growing community. At the same time OsCommerce cannot boast of such great number of partners. Only seven development and hosting companies have official relationship with OsCommerce, and programmers (except true enthusiasts) hate it. What is also great about Magento, that it being developed by a private company and they regularly introduce updates and fix bugs (every 10-15 days).

Best Adjusted to the needs of Customers

I have used Magento to deliver solutions for businesses of different kinds and sizes, from small, local companies to renowned large eCommerce businesses. In all of these cases Magento worked really well. The success can be contributed to the vast range of Magento customization options and the platform’s performance, which is never compromised, even when you plan to use Magento to sell hundreds of different types of products.

Helpful Magento Community

Last, but not least, there is the Magento community that you can always count on, when you need to find a solution to your problems with the software. Magento is currently the most popular shopping cart in the world and the largest supportive community is large and still growing. Magento customizationhttp://magecom.net/magento-services/magento-performance/

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