Galaxy S6 Vs iPhone 6: Comparison

Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6

Smartphone fans are waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S6; this is the new version in the market. You can expect unique features and specification from upcoming Samsung S6. The Samsung Company always will release a new version of device in the beginning of year. The release date is not yet confirmed. The Samsung Galaxy S6 will contain all the features of iPhone 6 along with some additional features. The performance of this Samsung Galaxy S6 is more effective than the iPhone 6. You have to keep your patience up to this release date of Samsung Galaxy S6. The flexible display is a major feature of this Samsung Galaxy S6.

Release Date And Price Rate

The iPhone 6 is already released one; this was released in the year of 2014 and the month of September.  When you come to this Samsung Galaxy S6, it will be released in the year of 2015, but it is not sure. In which you can install and download more application in this Samsung galaxy S6. The Samsung Company will afford sensible price to this Samsung Galaxy S6. The minimum rate of this Samsung Galaxy S6 is 750 USD. This is the initial rate of the Samsung device.

Specifications And Features

The Galaxy Note 4 has retina scanner and Touch ID. The body design of the Samsung Galaxy S6 is similar as the Samsung Galaxy S5, but it would have some extra specification that is curved screen and the body of this device would be made by grapheme design elements. In this iphone 6 it has Apple signature with aluminum casings. The iPhone 6 also has smooth edges when compared to its previous version. The screen display of this Samsung Galaxy S6 would have quite larger screen than iPhone 6. It would have 5.2 to 5.3 inches in the display screen. The Samsung Galaxy S6 would have quad HD that is 1440x 2560 with super AMOLED. This Galaxy S6 would contain the screen resolution of 4K pixels along with QHD Panel. When you come to this iPhone 6 it has a quite smaller screen display than Samsung galaxy S6. The range of display screen of this iPhone 6 is 4.7 inches only. The operating system of Samsung Galaxy S6 is may not contain South Korean operating system, and Tizen. You can expect Android 5.0 in this upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6. The iPhone 6 has the latest operating system of iOS 8. The Samsung Galaxy S6 would have the processor of qualcomm snapdrogan 810 or 808 processor along with the 64-bits architecture. This processor is used to progress the performance of the chipset in this device. The 430 of graphics chips is aid to get high quality videos and images. The iPhone 6 has M8 of graphics processor and A8 chip. When you talk about the camera specification the Samsung Galaxy S6 would have 20 MP along with optimal image of stabilization. But in the iPhone 6 has 8 MP only. Samsung galaxy s6 would have 4 GB RAM memory, but in the iPhone has less storage space than the Samsung Galaxy S6. Also, later this year we would see other powerful devices from Samsung as Galaxy Note Edge 2 and Galaxy Note 5.

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