It’s The Right Time To Get Rid Of Bad Bathroom Odor

It's The Right Time To Get Rid Of Bad Bathroom Odor

There will be no single house in the town that at some point or other has not undergone an embarrassing problem of unpleasant smell in the bathroom. The bathroom of your home is an area which has moisture and humidity all the time. The excessive moisture and humidity act as the breeding spot for bacteria and other germs which results in bad odor in the bathroom. Clean and neat home is what everyone demands. Small plumbing issues can also result in poor sanitary and stinking bathroom.

Have you also noticed that your bathroom has started smelling terribly bad since some time now?

Although bad bathroom smell is not a big deal when it’s only you and your family, it can be a little embarrassing, if you have guests coming over. So, below listed are a few ways to get rid of bad odors and let everyone perform their business without having to apologize.


Air fresheners and poop sprays are considered as the healthiest and best options to take care of your bathroom smells, especially if the smell is too awful. Poop air freshener provides a soothing scent to a bathroom and maintains freshness all the time. Only a short spray is enough to eliminate the bad odor. It’s advisable not to use the air fresheners spray with pets around, as these days tend to be harmful to animals.


Another lesser-known cause of unpleasant odor in the bathroom is damp, used and wet clothes and towels. Never leave wet clothes and towels in a bathroom after taking a bath. Wet clothes and towels don’t dry out properly inside the bathroom and give out a bad odor. Never hang a used dirty towel at the back of the bathroom door as it lets bacteria and germs multiply. So, it’s advisable to dry your used towels and wet clothes under the sunlight, preventing bacterial growth.


Sanitize and clean your bathroom on a regular basis. You can use disinfectants and good quality bathroom cleaners in order to clean the toilet seat, wash bathtub and washbasin. Try to use homemade chemical cleaners and floor cleaners to clean the floor of your bathroom. This is not a good maintenance practice, but it also helps to reduce bad smells from your bathroom on a regular basis. You should wash utility accessories and surfaces in your bathroom from time to time, and try to wipe them dry.


Dry pipes, clogged drains, and cracks in tiles, cracks in the water pipe can also cause a bad odor in your bathroom. In case you notice any of such problem, call a skilled plumber and get these plumbing issues fixed as soon as possible.

By using the above given bad odor-fighting. You can definitely ensure visit on roseandjones that your bathroom smell pleasant and fresh, most of the time.

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