Ranakpur – A Perfect Escapade Deep Into Lap Of Mother Nature

Ranakpur - A Perfect Escapade Deep Into Lap Of Mother Nature

Ranakpur is a very tranquil town in the state of Rajasthan. It is most noted for housing the highly revered and archaeologically significant Jain temples. It is also rich with nature and is a perfect escapade into the lap of Mother Nature. Visit the town for a memorable and refreshing vacation and pick from the best hotels in Ranakpur.

Ranakpur is a thickly wooded area with three highly revered Jain temples located in the centre of lush greenery. It is a part of Pali district in the state of Rajasthan and is one of the five holy places in Jain universe. It is a chief pilgrimage located on the Jodhpur-Udaipur road and distinctively noted for its abundant nature, which is a valley situated on the western foothills of the mystic Aravalli Hills Range. It is about 91 k.m. from Udaipur and 162 k.m.  from Jodhpur, which in turn are two highly popular historic destinations in western India.

Tourists and pilgrims have flocked the place since long, which helped the tourism industry to flourish. The ancient Jain temples are the chief attractions. Plus the unspoiled natural beauty of the place is scenic enough to lure travellers from far and wide. A trip to the place is relaxing and provides one an opportunity to experience the religion dominated culture of the region. The hotels in Ranakpur are rapidly increasing in number and today they consist of hotels that are amongst the best ones in the state.

Ranakpur - A Perfect Escapade Deep Into Lap Of Mother Nature

Udaipur and Jodhpur are the two popular transit points to access the temple town. There is a good frequency of buses and taxis from the two cities to Ranakpur. There also exists a railway station in Falna which is about 30 k.m. from the temple town. Trains from Jodhpur to Falna will charge INR 250 and from here one can get taxis to Ranakpur.

The place is best explored while one goes solo. However, one may also appoint a professional tour guide. It is a small place, more of a village, and it doesn’t takes much time to completely explore the place and its attractions. All the prime sightseeing spots are easily accessible. The major attractions of the place are without doubt the ancient Jain temples that were built in the 15th Century AD and are constituted within the Ranakpur temple complex. These temples are made up of white amber stones with intricate carvings chiseled on them. The temple complex features 1,444 columns holding the entire structure firmly. Besides, there are numerous sculptures and celestial nymphs adorning the temples. The main presiding deity is Lord Adinath. It is necessary that one dresses appropriately in order to entre the complex.

Maharani Bagh Orchard is another prominent attraction of the place. It is an exquisitely built old structure which today has been transformed into a heritage hotel. Its architecture is simply stunning and hard to match with. Tourists can enjoy a lavish royal stay at the hotel rooms that will make their stay a memorable experience. There also exist some other luxury 5 star hotels in Ranakpur in the vicinity. King’s Abode, Roopam Resort, Shivika Lake Hotel, and Fateh Bagh Palace are some of the most popular luxury heritage hotels in the place.

The ancient Jain temples, lavish luxury hotels, splendid nature, and tranquil surrounding makes the place a must-visit destination in Rajasthan. It is a perfect destination to spend a peaceful vacation learning more about spirituality, art, culture, and nature.

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