Where To Start Decorating Your New Home?

Just bought a new home and have no idea where to start? Don’t worry, just read on to know all about decorating your new home in the best way possible according to your personal taste and keeping up with the latest trends prevailing the market.

Moving into a new housing is exciting and just thinking about it brings a multitude of ideas to one’s mind. But standing in the house, looking at the bare walls and the sunlight coming through the windows, we cannot easily visualize what we want and how we want that room to be like. We compare or do things as it was in our old home, as its human nature since we need a reference but a new home means a new landmark and new beginnings. So, you need to create a new reference list to create the home of your own or houses for rent in Bangalore, Mumbai or any other city into your welcoming sweet home.

Getting Rid of the Old Stuff

When you move, you move with all your stuff at the old place but old stuff has to go at some point or the other. What other chance you will get to discard some of the old stuff, which has been lying around in your old home, getting dust.

Either you can sell off 25 to 40% of the stuff as discounted price online or you can simply give to charity.  Some of these stuff which you think you require but apparently not includes antique furniture in the attic, damaged appliances, old clothes and shoes which don’t fit you anymore,  faded curtains, old mattress, other  weird gifts and accessories which you have never used and never will. You have to be strong and let go of things, after giving away you be amazed that how many things you were cluttering in your home.

With old stuff out of the way, you have to start with a new list of things or retouching the old ones with new looks. You can make a scrapbook, jotting down any ideas which strike your mind for your new home.

Don’t Be Tempted!

Buying new things is a temptation most of us cannot resist. When we see something and it appeals to us and once we know it is in our budget, we just splurge. Well, don’t be tempted to buy all the things which catch your eye. While some of the things are necessary and you need to buy, you don’t have to buy everything all at once.

Try to stay focused and buy the first things first. Live in your house for a month and then decide on significant purchases like a new dining table set or a comfortable sectional for your living room area or upgrading your kitchen with new crockery or new bathroom décor.

In the initial stage rearrange your old recliners and sofas in your new home and keep changing the settings until you get the best look. Then decide upon buying things, which you really require because it is not wise to clutter the new house.

Your Sanctuary, Your Bedroom!

After a hectic day, your bedroom is your haven of relaxation and a sound sleep. The bedroom should be perfect and the foremost on the priority list.

In your new home, go for new bedding. Even if you are using your old bed, purchase a brand new mattress. Your old mattress must be years old and it must be eons since it is not cleaned, so in a new home don’t skimp on the mattress because it will be ultimately responsible for your health and a fit back. Even If you are tight on the budget, this is one area where investing will make a big difference.

Next comes the walls of the bedroom, choose carefully the colors as they matter a lot. Close your eyes and imagine waking up to which color and that is the color you want on the walls of your bedroom.  You can even try painting different colors on different walls but we suggest you neutral colors and they have a soothing effect on your mind as well as soul. If you are a night owl, then the darker shades will go more with your personality and help you block the unwanted sunlight in the morning.

Decorating with your Creativity

You don’t need to match every room or bind everything with a color scheme, what you need to do is use your creativity to make your own style. You should understand the importance of balance and proportion. In a huge room, you cannot just place a single sofa or shove extra-large furniture in a small room.  You can play with contrast and hues and make that one large red sofa, stand out and blend in at the same time. Also changing the lighting and repainting can do wonders to some old stud and give them an exclusive look.

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