Stress Busters For 10th Standard Students

Stress Busters For 10th Standard Students

Your tenth standard examination is very important because it lays the foundation to your building. When the foundation is right, the building will be great. So, if you do well in your 10th board examination, you can get into a good college, score well in 12th standard and secure a seat in some prestigious college. Also, the tenth standard exams will be the first board exams that you will be facing. Thus, they are very important.

The tenth standard students have a lot of pressure from parents, teachers, friends and others to perform well. All this pressure can stress the kids who until then were never under such scrutiny. Thus, many children do succumb to the stress and may perform very badly. This might also result in some kids getting depressed, some even taking extreme steps. So, it is necessary for the students to have certain stress busters to know that this exam is not the end of the life.

Here are some stress busters for the children to relax and do well in their exams –

  • It is necessary to take breaks in between the study hours. If you study continuously, you may not grasp everything that you study. So, take intervals in between. Make sure that the intervals are short and you do not just waste time in the name of breaks. After the break get back to your NCERT solutions for class 10 maths probability.
  • You can also watch a movie once in a while. Go to a movie once a month or so. You can also watch some educational programs or travel shows on the television every day. It is for pure entertainment in between the hard work.
  • Never skip your meals. You need to have wholesome meals to be healthy and develop a strong memory. Eat healthy food with lots of vegetable and fruits. Add almonds, greens and carrots in your diet. Once a while you can binge on ice creams and chocolates, but avoid them when your exams are nearing.
  • Practice the habit of listening to good music for at least an hour every day. Soothing instrumentals can have a very positive effect on your body and mind.
  • Meditation is strongly advised. It not just calms your mind, but also increases your concentration power to read subjects like CBSE class 10 maths probability.
  • Meet up with friends and have a good chat. Talking with your friends can take the exam pressure out of your mind for at least some time. But, when your friends talk about how well they are prepared, do not stress out. Relax and take their advice only if you feel it is necessary. Remember that each one of us is different and needs different level of practice. But, make it a point to not talk about the exams all the time.
  • Your parents are your best stress busters. Talk to them about everything. Share with them your stress and they are sure to help you out.

Always remember that your life is more than the exams. Have realistic goals, work hard and accept what you get. Stressing is not going to change anything.

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