Understanding The Difference Between Green Tea and Matcha Powder

Green Tea and Matcha Powder

The Ecceko Company claims there Matcha green tea powder is better and stronger than other normal green tea. Check out why.

Body: Green tea has lately been all the rage in various countries and among many young, healthy people. Seen as the new way to lose weight, become healthy, and control your life green tea has taken over. You can find green tea benefits on web MD and articles in many health magazines saying to drink as much green tea as you can. It reduces the risk for disease, makes you smarter, and keeps you awake- green tea does in fact have caffeine. Matcha tea was created solely in Japan and produced by local farmers along the Yahgi River. They have increased chlorophyll content, which are the source of antioxidants found in green tea normally. The process to create the plants that the tea originates from is found here. The leaves are handpicked, steamed, air-dried, and ground down. The entire leaf is what the product is made out of.

Currently there are three types of Matcha green tea. Culinary Matcha Green tea, which comes at 90 grams and costs 24 dollars. Pinnacle Matcha Green tea, which comes at 30 grams and costs 79 dollars. Finally, Superior Matcha Green tea which comes at 30 grams for 34 dollars or 90 grams for 84 dollars. Prices can be found on the website. The superior Matcha green tea is the tea that is closest to normal green tea and is suggested to beginners. It would also be effective to mention that the tea is sold in powder form so creating other recipes besides tea can be accomplished. Once can produce green tea cookies, green tea cake, green tea, ice cream, basically green tea anything while still feeling the affects of the Matcha green tea. This is accomplished because the green tea is ground to a fine powder before sold.

Sawyer Trice is the founder of Matcha green tea or Ecceko. It was founded in Sydney with his friend Maya Pratt.

The ideology behind the tea is to team it with meditation. To achieve calmness and ease meditation is suggested. Meditation is how a person becomes “one” with themselves and the way they channel their energy to become positive vibes. The Matcha powder green tea is supposed to help with this process. Therefore, the site says that Zen Buddhist use the tea in the area.

The websites major claim is that the tea is different from all other green tea’s. They do support this claim throughout by discussing how their green tea is ground to a fine powder instead of a typical green tea powder bag. They also discuss how the antioxidants levels in the tea are equivalent of ten regular green teas. The company lives off this motto and reasons this is why they have expensive prices. Moreover, the tea is supposed to reap the benefits of green tea and more.

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