5 Creative Uses of Concrete in Garden & Home

Concrete has garnered much spotlight in the recent years in the arena of home décor and contemporary furniture material owing to its versatility and durability. The plethora of creative concrete applications has inspired designers and architects to think out of the box and use concrete anywhere in the realm of home décor.

With cement companies out there in the online sphere making it easier than ever for consumers to buy cement online in India; let’s look at the 5 most creative use for concrete application in home and garden décor:

Concrete Fireplace

Having a fireplace right in the centre of a living warm is indeed ‘warm’ and welcoming while adding a definite sense of character to the living area. Get rather more creative and get yourself made a concrete fireplace, deploying a vertical concrete mix and finish it with a warm and soothing taint for a beautiful appeal.

Concrete Kitchen Island

There can’t be anything more enticing than having an ultimate kitchen island right in the heart of a kitchen. Get a distinctive design made with concrete after sanding multiple times to arrive on a perfect yet subtle colour gradations. The island with a synchronised marble or concrete top and a basin would nail the look.

Concrete Garden Bench

An inviting garden accent piece is all it takes to spruce up your garden and add a definite character to the outdoor area. One such accent piece is chevron inspired garden bench; imagine putting together a life-like sculpture atop a concrete garden bench to make it appear cooler. Plus, concrete benches are cool and don’t catch heat easily.

Concrete Planters

Concrete planters are a fun DIY project that you can make at home or pursue as a hobby. Make a slightly dense concrete mix and pour the mix inside a frame with a big stone in the centre to keep the space for plant. Leave it for 48-72 hours to dry completely and voila; your DIY concrete planter is ready. Put sand and plant in the centre and hang it in your garden or keep it alongside the garden trek; envious glances guaranteed!

Concrete Garden Globes

Creative and fun concrete garden and home décor pieces are a big hit now but acquiring them could be expensive. The easy DIY garden globes are, however, a rather inexpensive propaganda to make at home. Just grab some old lamp covers and pour in the concrete mix; leave to dry till 72 hours and your very own garden globes are ready to embellish your outdoor garden. Have a little more fun by adding small accents like broken glass or coloured marble bits for a zing.

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