Top Must Have iOS Apps In Your Phone

One of the foremost and most premium operating systems in the world of technology is the iOS developed by Apple Inc. With great apps that add to the productivity of the user, help them socialize with ease, and make life easy in general, iOS is one platform that caters to every need of the user. Given below are some of the must have apps for iOS, be it on the iPad or the iPhone:-

  • Freecharge

With our daily errands increasing manifold there seems to be no increase in the number of hours in a day. However, to aid us in our quest to save time and effort, there is an app called Freecharge that allows the user to simply create an online account with the app and pay their electricity, mobile bills, carry out DTH and mobile recharges online without having to move out in the heat and rain. What’s more is the monetary benefit it provides in terms of Freecharge Offers.

  • Opera Mini Browser

Although iOS comes with its own Safari browser, it doesn’t hurt to have another web browser in place. The Opera Mini Browser has more than 350 million users who like the app for the security and customizability that it has to offer them. It is quick and efficient. The user can save space as the browser uses 90% less data than the other web browsers.

  • Xender

How often do we frown when we see the slow speed at which our files are getting transferred using Bluetooth? The solution to that problem is Xender, a file sharing/ transfer app that is capable of transferring files as huge as 500 MB in about five minutes using Wi-Fi.

  • Evernote

Our need to note down has been with us ever since school. Right from a guest list for a party to a list of household errands that need to be taken care of, everything needs to be jotted down. However, with Evernote, this “jotting down” is now done on the tab or phone. Evernote can record voice notes too making it easy to multitask. Users can sync the app to their devices and quickly access and share the files.

  • LastPass

Unless you are someone with amazing memory, you definitely need to note down your passwords and account profiles somewhere. Instead of saving them in a place where its security could be compromised, install the LastPass app and store all your details here. The app can also be used to generate strong passwords as well as encrypt data.

  • WhatsApp

The highly popular, free messaging app is used worldwide to stay connected. The addition of the voice calling feature has added millions to its list of fans. The user can send images, videos etc. for free using the app.

  • Clean Master

Freeing up space on your tablet or Smartphone is essential from time- to- time. With this app, the user can delete similar files, clear cache etc. to save up space which can be put to better use.

The iOS has many other apps that the user can explore to decide if they suit their additional needs. With so many options, iOS is sure to continue to become popular.

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