Software Review –DVDFab’s Mac DVD Copy

Hello readers.I amhere with a review of DVD software for Mac OS platform that is DVDFab  DVDCopy for Mac. In this article i will take you through all the highs and lows plus key features of DVDFab Mac DVD copy.

The Highs 

  • Breaks down encryption very easily

  • Simple and user friendly UI

  • Good accuracy and speed

The Lows

  • Stay away from advanced feature if you are a newbie


If you are opting for any software other than Mac DVD copy, then you may find it very difficult to remove the copy protection that’s present in almost all discs bought from the retailer. However, DVDFab makes it very easy for you. Mac DVD copy features advanced set of algorithms that breaks the encryption and copy protection and thus easy to duplicate. The reason I mentioned this feature on the very top is just because of this feature the software stands apart from the other traditional DVD copy softwares for Mac OS.

And now when you have the copy protection broken, Mac DVD copy won’t even waste a single minute to get your desired disc copied. With lots of inbuilt options and customization, DVDFab makes sure that you get an exact copy of your DVD.

Software Review –DVDFab’s Mac DVD Copy

From the very beginning I was very comfortable using the software as it is the same case with company’s other softwares too. The DVD copying process was way too easy then i expected. As soon as I began, I was asked to select the content i wanted to copy from the DVD i inserted. Acting accordingly i selected the content. And then the software started scanning the disc which took about 50 – 60 minutes but that may differ on the length of your selected content. As soon as the scanning got over, i was asked to insert a blank disc on which i would love to have the content copied. I inserted the disc and within a short span of about 25 odd minutes, my new copied disc was ready.


To my astonishment, Mac DVD copy software was way too easy to use. Unlike other DVD copy software in the markets, DVDFab does not confuse you between different options and settings. And which implies you don’t need to posses any above average brain to copy your DVD. Within almost 2-3 clicks (without furthermore settings), i was able to get my disc copied. The software ran very perfect throughout the scanning and burning process and I had almost nothing to do apart from watching the computer screen.

Settings and Customizations

Mac DVD copy by DVDFab is not just about copying the disc but you also get to enjoy the different customizations and preset modes which make your copied DVD much better. The software features 6 different modes which you can use to copy your DVD.

The ‘Full disc’ mode copies the whole content whereas ‘Main content’ mode copies only the longest title on the disc. Other modes are ‘Customize’, ‘Split’ and ‘Merge’. The software not only lets you to set its UI in different languages but also allows you to view the copy process in preview screen.

Now that’s almost everything one could wish to have in his desired DVD copying software. Well, thanks to Mac DVD copy.

Love this article? Have you used DVDFab Mac DVD copy software? Share your views.

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