How Tree Trimming Can Make Your Landscape Flourish

How Tree Trimming Can Make Your Landscape Flourish

Tree trimming is an easy yet effective practice that will not only help your tree flourish — it’ll help your landscape’s general appearance as well. This relatively simple technique improves a tree’s health, safety and aesthetic appeal, all of which trickle down and improve the landscape around it.

Stimulate Growth

By trimming and pruning a tree’s branches, you’re helping it breathe better. In turn, this stimulates growth potential and leads to a bigger, healthier and safer tree. What’s more, once a tree’s growth is stimulated, that helps stimulate the growth around the tree as well.

Now that your tree has been trimmed and can breathe easier, more sunlight is allowed to pass through the tree’s branches, which provides plants beneath the tree a better quality of life, too. More sunlight means greater photosynthesis can occur giving these plants a stimulation to grow as well.

A healthier tree leads to a longer life span. However, this is only if you continue to trim and prune when necessary. It’s not a one-and-done type situation. If you do keep up with it, though, your tree will continue to live and promote a healthy life for itself and other plants around it. So keep it up!

Since you’re doing such a great job at trimming and pruning your tree, you’ll notice there are also fewer branches and twigs on the ground. Downed branches usually are a sign of cluttered branch space and can hinder other plants’ growth or even kill them altogether. However, given you’re a fully responsible tree trimmer now, your landscape will be less cluttered and the plants on the lower level will be much happier and healthier.

Safer Environment

Trimming and pruning your trees can also improve upon your landscape’s safety. The healthier a tree becomes, the safer the environment around it will be.

Since your tree is healthier and will live longer, the ground around the tree will be safer from dead branches and maybe even from a dead tree entirely. A dead tree or large dead branches may do great damage to your landscape; keep your tree healthy and you can avoid this issue.

If you trim and prune frequently, there will be fewer branches and twigs that fall because they will be less cluttered. Also, since there are fewer branches to supply nutrients to, they will be stronger, rather than the tree having several moderately healthy branches.

Healthier Habitats

Since a tree will flourish from proper tree trimming and pruning, it’s safe to say that it will act as a better habitat for birds, squirrels and other animals. Animals will love to hang around your tree more often, which can be pretty awesome since they can help create a thriving landscape.

Aesthetically Appealing

Another way your landscape can flourish is with curb appeal. Tree trimming and pruning improves the overall look of your tree, which complements the grooming of your landscape. If you compared a trimmed tree to a non-trimmed tree, you can definitely tell the difference. Trimmed trees also prevent excessive branches and twigs from falling all across your lawn. There’s nothing worse than wanting curb appeal, but having to look like a fool with a bunch of twigs scattered across your landscape.

Stewart Scott is a certified arborist and is the owner of Cevet Tree Care, where he offers the best tree service Columbia MO has to offer. Cevet has provided tree trimming and other tree care services to mid-Missouri for almost 20 years.

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