Young and Independent: It Is Time To Set Up Your Own Home!

Young and Independent: It Is Time To Set Up Your Own Home!

If you want to feel adrenaline splash more than other emotions, there is a way to change the situation for better right now. Just live alone! Is it difficult to live without parents’ help, boy/girlfriend, friends, neighbors? Living with parents, you sleep well, eat much and spend money for attractions only. Nevertheless, young people always dream about the separate and responsible life. Let your dreams to come true. Sooner or later, young people come out of the parent’s house to live individual. It can be because of a new job, life, new family. Everything is as simple as it seems to be.


It is a usual thing for young Greeks to live all together with parents until they are 30. The sociologists say that the young Greeks are afraid of the life difficulties. What is more, the difficulties are real. Thus, you have to spend your whole month salary to pay for the rental apartments in Athens.


According to the statistics, about half of the young and working Italians 18-34 live all together with parents. The relations are tight, especially the relations between moms and sons. The high prices for apartments and job search difficulties make a big influence over the situation. Is it confused? The young people are fond of the situation they have. The parents are also pleased that their kids live on their territory.


The young people in Israel are obliged to serve in the military just after the graduation. They come back home at 21. Actually, they don’t come back to the home of their parents. It is a temporary measure for them to earn money for education. The most of parents help their kids to pay for their apartments. It often happens that the young people try to hire an apartment for a big group.


The big number of young people in Egypt who want to fly away from their parents after they are 18 is increased. Young people after 18 want to get married. Nevertheless, the material difficulties are sharp. If a man wants to get married he must have a good salary to buy the apartments, make presents. Statistic says that every 4th citizen of Cairo is still single and lives in the parents’ house. The economic crisis and money problems make the young people stay for long in the parents’ house.

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The graduates of Philippines also live with their parents even if they could find a job. It is naturally when you live with your parents until you are 40. It can often happen that many families and relatives of different generations live all together under the same roof. So, when you live with your parents you can save money from renting apartments.


This is a country when you have to leave the parents’ house early. Thus, you enter the university when you are 18, after school and move out from the parents’ house. Of course, some people come back home after their graduation but it is not naturally. It is said that this is a bad habit to live with parents after you are 25.


Adult kids don’t use to live all together with their parents here. They can earn money when they are 15. The country is fool of Under 21 car rental locations to use car whenever you want. You have a chance to earn good money so you can hire the apartments and pay for other needs. Canadian young people prefer to be responsible for their own life and make their own mistakes. As a rule, parents don’t give money to their kids when they are already independent. The parents are not greedy. They just try to parent their kids wisely.

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This is the country when you have to leave your parents’ house when you entered the collage. Of course, the life is life. If the house is big, you can live all together with your family. Nevertheless, when you are 24, you want to live separately, but you can still take money from your parents. There is nothing wrong.


The most of French people leave their parents’ house when they are 18. They easily go to another part of the country to get the best education. They live in the hostels, students communities, or hire the apartments all together for friends. What about their parents? They keep the distance and never poach on their kids’ preserves.



The most of local think that kids are absolutely independent when they are 25. They love all together with parents just before 24. Just 4% of men and 1% of young women still live in the parents’ house after marriage.


Young people used to leave home and live in the rental car after school. They can live in the same city with their families, but separately. This is the way to teach kids to be independent, pay for bills, run a home. If you live all together with your parents after 25, you are called Mambo that means mother’s baby.


Kids leave home when they go to the college or get married. The young family always tries to live separately. Of course, students also try to take care of themselves. They work to earn money for their education and life. The daily fee of the Japanese student can be $ 40-$ 80.

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Every country has its own specific and priorities. Young people become older, choosing their own way. One way or another, everyone tries to live separately to buy a house, furniture, make own rules and comfortable conditions. It’s natural. But it is difficult to make your own life when you still live with your parents. Parents’ help is always needed. Nevertheless, there is a moment in your life when you wake up and realize that you have to change your life, sooner or later, no matter. So, try to be independent and build up your own life in your own house. Good luck!

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