Maharashtra and Its Most Revered Religious Destinations

Maharashtra and Its Most Revered Religious Destinations

Maharashtra, apart from having a mammoth sized list of options for a traveller to explore and experience, also boasts of a numerous religious locales and places for various beliefs. The state is encompassed by the most impeccable major cities of India which are home to some charming and quaint temples in our country. The next time you visit Maharashtra, don’t just limit your thoughts to Bollywood or Khandala, for there is a beautiful divine side to it as well.

It generally isn’t about an idiosyncratic, radical excursion to the beaches or some daredevil experience activities around Mumbai or Igatpuri that Maharashtra is limited to. Here’s a small list of the major cities around Mumbai that are justified regardless of a visit for their striking collection of religious shrines of critical significance.


Maharashtra and Its Most Revered Religious Destinations

Being the fourth largest city of Maharashtra, Nasik has distinctive divine havens of which the most dazzling and sought after is the Trimbakeshwar Temple, orchestrated in the town of Trimbak, Nasik. The other appealing religious spots incorporate names like Naroshankar Temple, Sundarnarayan Temple, and Panchavati Temple. So if you are travelling from Delhi, you might not easily find direct and even indirect Delhi Nasik flights. So plan your trip in advance to make necessary arrangements.


Maharashtra and Its Most Revered Religious Destinations

Pune being a vital education hub in India, has some really remarkable and great religious spots to its fame. Bhimashankar Temple, found 50 km from Pune is a Jyotirlinga and is designed in the Nagara style of structural planning. Alternate flawless shrines of God in Pune solidify the Pataleshwar Cave Temple and the Bhuleshwar Temple.


A religious excursion to Nagpur will revive one all around. There are two essential temples in the city that have all that much magnetism to them. The most famous, Balaji Mandir in Nagpur is a haven where the glorious symbol of Lord Balaji hails far and wide. The 11 ft tall idol of Balaji in this refuge is recognized to have been found amidst a revealing in the year 1888 and is made of a solitary bit of black stone. Another superior temple in Nagpur is the Dragon Palace Temple, a buddhist shelter that resembles the lotus bloom as an aftereffect of which this place has been called the Lotus Temple of Nagpur.

So, now that you know where to head to when you are done with the crazy parties and experienced the snazzy charm of Mumbai, take this exceptional whimsical outing from Mumbai to any of these marvelous religious places for a soul stirring encounter. Continuous Mumbai to Delhi and Delhi to Mumbai flights ply between the two major cities, so if that you have that craving for taking an extemporaneous excursion to these religious spots, don’t fret!

God bless you and have a safe trip!

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