Why Saudi Arabia over others

Saudi Arabia’s economy is mostly dependent on oil industry. Due to which large number of vacancies are generated every year. Besides this job opportunities are there in large number in the sector of IT, healthcare, banking, teaching, hospitality, telecommunications and construction. Saudi Arabia offers great career options for qualified candidates or professionals. To offer job opportunities to the foreigners as well Saudi Arabia has introduced quotas. But there is limitation linked with this as employers can’t hire foreigners in large numbers as they may face big fine or penalty.

Industries where you can work!

  • Few major industries- oil is the main sector in Saudi Arabia where detection, extraction of oil, refining of oil, production and distribution of oil and its components like kerosene, paraffin wax etc. It stands fifth in the world’s petroleum reserves and the petroleum industry accounts for over 90% of the country’s exports. Other noteworthy industries include telecommunications, healthcare, IT and the services sector which are booming industry when it comes to providing jobs
  1. The oil company Saudi Aramco is the largest Saudi employer providing ample amount of job opportunities to the job seekers. The list doesn’t end here some other renowned companies includes the name like STC (Saudi Telecom Company), Saudi Electricity Company and SABIC (Saudi Basic Industries Corporation) – a manufacturer of chemicals, fertilizers, plastics and metals. Many big multinational companies have operations in Saudi Arabia for example BAE Systems, Cisco Systems, Procter & Gamble, Schlumberger, Nestlé and Siemens.
  2. Apart from oil companies occupations like engineering, IT, education, and healthcare and construction professionals are in most demand.
  • With the upcoming latest technologies new areas for the purpose of growth is established to diversify the Saudi economy which have led to developments in the financial and manufacturing sectors. Power generation and natural gas exploration have gained importance because of abundant source of natural energy resources
  • Teaching jobs
  • Banking sector
  • Doctors
  • Engineering jobs and many more.

How is the Feeling when you start Working in Saudi Arabia?

  • Working hour in Saudi Arabia is most commonly 8 hours per day while during Ramadan when the working hours are reduced to 6 hours. In some companies reduced working hour is for Muslims while in some firms it’s not the case
  • Big salary packages are offered especially to an expat which is comparatively very high when compared with the salary packages offered by the US or in Europe
  • No difference or division is established among the religions which makes it superb place to live in for all the religions
  • Expats or workers are not required to pay income tax in the country.

How to Apply for the Job for best Results?

  • Prepare an amazing CV with an attractive cover letter if you are fresher
  • Update your resume with relevant experience
  • Highlight your skills on your CV/ resume if you are fresher/experienced
  • Register on different job portals for free and then upload your credentials like CV/resume , completing your details like education, photo and skills Or experience
  • Keep yourself updated about the current openings or vacancies
  • Some of the leading job portals are

1. bayt.com



4. Gulftalent and many more

  • Classified sections of newspaper of your city will help a lot in getting jobs of your choice.

Essential Qualification Required to get Jobs in Saudi Arabia

Depending upon the job profile qualification varies.

Few examples are as follows:

  • Doctors need to successfully complete the MBBS degree, further pursuing MD adds advantage
  • Engineers after successfully completion of 4 year graduation
  • For HR jobs candidates are required to complete master’s degree in management
  • For hotel management jobs candidates are required to pursue hotel management course or a degree in hospitality would work
  • Teaching jobs requires a minimum of BA or BSc degree to get a dream job.

Few additional points which is to be considered while willing to relocate to Saudi Arabia:

  • Cost of living is almost similar to UK but, because of low taxation  articles or items are relatively cheaper
  • Rules and regulations are strictly followed by everyone in short laws are strict in the country
  • Crime rate is relatively very low when compared with other countries
  • Healthcare facilities are of high standard

Considering jobs in Saudi Arabia as working destination is going to add benefits and perks to your pocket.

Author Bio:- Neelam Gupta  is currently focusing her writing on the extensive domain of employment. She has written various articles and blog posts on resume writing, job search and hiring. She also likes to write about nature.

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