Luxury Travel Destinations To Visit In Australia

In case you are planning for a vacation in Australia and you are wondering where to stay, then you should get a relief. Australia contains unique exotic places for both domestic and international visitors. Fortunately, these exotic places charge a wide range of fee. Some takes care of visitors in need of cheap but stylish accommodation and recreational facilities. However, other resorts offer exclusively luxury accommodation services. In case you have already acquired your Australian Visa and getting ready for your visit, there consider one of the luxury destination mentioned below.

1. Emirates Wolgan Valley Resort 

Emirates Wolgan Valley Resort features as one of the leading luxurious destination in Australia. It is located in the heart of Cairns province, which features as the leading destination for visitors in need of tropical climate. It is located in the Northwest Australia, a region known for its diversity in wildlife. The Emirates Wolgan Valley Resort has stylish gardens, modern rooms and exotic restaurant services. Apart from its luxurious accommodation, the hotel also provides visitors with day-time trips to nearby conservancies for adventures.

2. Anchorage Port Stephens Hotel 

Another luxury resort in Australia is Anchorage Port Stephens Hotel. It is located in Melbourne, the capital town of state Victoria. Melbourne is Australia’s second most populated city after Sydney. Anchorage Port Stephens Hotel was voted by one hospitality magazine as the most Luxurious resort in Eastern Melbourne. The resort not only offers comfortable accommodation rooms but also provide delicious foods. When services are coupled with fine staff members, Anchorage Port Stephens Hotel stands tall in terms of luxurious accommodation of visitors.

3. Sebel Resort $ Spa 

While in Sidney, one of the leading luxurious hotel is Sebel Resort $ Spa. It is located within the suburban locality of South Sidney. This hotel provides elegant catering services and exquisite beddings. Apart from the main seat area, Sebel Resort also contains VIP lounges for additional luxury. Outside the hotel is a private beach extending northwards. One additional good thing about this hotel is that it provides both adult and family accommodation. Therefore, family members can spend an elegant holiday within the same setting.

4. Peppers Bale Salt Resort

In addition, the southern island of Tasmania hosts the renowned Peppers Bale Salt Resort. Peppers Bale Sale is known for being the largest hotel in the island. It is staffed with qualified hospitality attendants and excellent facilities. Among the resort’s leading features are the pool and spa facilities. Both the two facilities have luxury finishes of marble stones imported from Turkey. As if that is not enough, the resort also offers both single and double spa bath and king sized beds for accommodation. Outside the hotel, one gets to visit the mainland Australian city of Hobart. The town is known for its Victorian architecture and visitors can enjoy the surrounding oceanic climate as they adventure around.

5. Tidal Waters Resort 

Another luxurious destination worth visiting while in Australia is the Tidal Waters Resort in the Northern Territory. Tidal Waters is located at the heart of Darwin, a coastal city popularly frequented by business men and other in need of transportation. Despite being busy with cargo exchanges, Darwin still offers an exotic holiday atmosphere. At this juncture, it is undeniable that Australia has numerous luxury destinations.

In case you have already acquired your Australian Visa and getting ready for your visit, there consider any of the luxury destination mentioned here and enjoy your tour.

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