Gym Training for Golfers and Tennis Athletes

When it comes to strength, golf players may not be known for their incredible physical activities. They may not need the power to accelerate their whole body, but they still need strong muscles in their arms, shoulder, back and legs to improve their performance. During specific situations, they need to have great strength capacity to drive the white, small plastic ball as far as possible during their first drive in each hole. It is important for golfers to develop enough physical strength and convert it into usable power. They should be able to take advantage of the energy multiple times, likely in each hole. It takes more than twenty push ups each day to improve their arms and shoulder muscles, golfers also need to improve their overall muscle performance.

Golf is very different compared to all team-sports and even for many individual sports. However, repetition is one factor that is shared by golf and other types of sports. It is important for golfers to maintain their physical activities. Very strong initial drive should allow them to reach the green as quickly as possible and achieve below-par points almost consistently. A one-off very powerful movement is needed, followed with plenty of rest time and less powerful drives. On the other hand, other more intense individual competition, such as triathlon could require much more energy.

We should be able to develop powerful swings on the tee by participating in various gym sessions. There is plenty of recovery time before we tee-off again at the next hole. Our next shots in the hole should be more precise and accurate to make sure that we can avoid bunkers, water bodies and greens; to allow us reach greens quickly.

Like golf, tennis is also an individual sports; but it requires more intense body movements and foot works. Tennis players also need strong muscles to allow them hit balls powerfully and run quickly. But while golfers have longer rest periods with very short bursts of physical movements, there are much less opportunities for tennis players to recover. It means that gym sessions should be optimized to improve the anaerobic performance. This should allow them to recover and they can generate power continuously. That’s the reason why power should be crucial for any tennis player.

It should be noted that powerful serves should be derived from our ability to transfer enough power from our legs into the upper body through the hips. Strong shoulder is also essential and weight training is needed to improve our overall muscle structure. Once we complete a serve in tennis, the ball would come back relatively quickly and in a long rally, we need to hit the balls and run quickly for more than 30 seconds. In a complete tennis match, this could represent huge power endurance. It means that tennis can be based on strong power and strength foundations. With proper gym sessions, we should be able to achieve proper tennis performance in various matches.

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