Gift Your Body With Green Wax Hair Removal

Gift Your Body With Green Wax Hair Removal

Waxing is merely painful to everyone as getting unwanted hair remove from your body is not an easy game.  So, any option? The main fact is that “every single woman wants”

Silky, smooth, and gorgeous skin.

Removal of unwanted hair through waxing has been followed and used for centuries, but some prefer waxing over shaving.

Following are the benefits to prove above statement:

  • Removal of hair lasts longer through waxing than shaving reason being it pulls hair from beneath the roots.
  • Shaving causes rashes which results to stubbles.
  • Waxing is economical, fast and convenient.
  • Waxing is not painful at all if you do it in a right way
  • If waxing is done often then it weakens the follicle leading to the permanent loss of hair.

Nowadays, there are many hair removal remedies. But the confusion is which one is best and worth to go for. Instead of opting random methods there are many pain-free options that have fewer side effects with better results:

“Green Wax Hair Removal Tablets” Sounds interesting?

  • Lets grasp sneak peak what this method is all about, but before that we must keep certain things in mind before going for body waxing:
  • You must wait for right time to get your body waxed,
  • Keep your body fully hydrated and moisturize- don’t over oil your skin and drink plenty of water before going to parlour.
  • Be confident and totally prepared- never interfere in between your cosmetician, work, let her do.
  • Don’t trim too much as this leads to hard growth of hair.
  • Avoid alcohol before waxing as they tighten your pores and dehydrate your body leading you more pain
  • Main thing for everyone “prepare for pain”
  • Make sure you are comfortable with your cosmetician.

Another concept for removal of hair is “Green Wax Hair Removal tablets” which you can buy them without burning hole in your pocket. This is made for easy removable of hair without hurting can be easily used as bikini wax also. Almost everyone gets attracted towards machine or method which can give them less pain with higher and clean results.

Green wax hair removal tablets are high ultra quality wax, they contain ingredients like:

  • Cera Alba
  • Cera Microcristalina
  • Glyceryl Rosinate
  • Titanium dioxide

This method is less painful as compared to soft strip wax.

Following are some suggestions:

  • Blue film wax which is suitable for all skin textures,
  • Blue hard wax which dries quickly and is good for all skin textures,
  • Blue Caribbean film wax again for all skin textures,
  • Green hard wax is for all skin types as this contains vegetable extracts,
  • Natural hard wax only for facial hair else can also be used for full body,
  • Rose petal pink hard wax is good for dry skin,
  • Purple hard wax which is again good for all skin textures.

The best thing about this type if that for different parts of body – there are different waxes. It is clearly stated that we can’t dare to forget that removal of unwanted hair is the part of your regular beauty doze and routine.

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