Why Year Round Termite Control Service Is Smart

Termites are a pest we’ve all heard about before but are you aware of the enormous amount of damage they cause? In the United States alone they cost property owners an estimated five billion dollars in damage every year. They are simple organisms that do not require sleep so they continue to feed all day, every day, the amount of ground they can cover is astounding. These foraging, subterranean termites can travel through soil as much as the length of a football field in their quest for a food source. A colony can be upwards of a million of these pests and along with the fact that they never need rest results in a lot of damage. Florida has one of the most destructive populations in the entire United States.

These silent invaders are so sneaky that they can go virtually undetected for years without a homeowner having a clue. So sneaky are they that even qualified home inspectors have been known to miss the signs. Homeowners have paid for this service from pest control companies to protect their sizable investment and the home inspector oversight can unknowingly impact the homeowner in the future. If it’s any comfort even a place a seemingly secure as the White House has experienced termite infestations. They ate away at the West Wing of the White House for several years until swarms were found on interior walls a mere 30 feet from the Oval Office. Needless to say the White House now has year round pest control service.

A termite inspection even an annual one does not prevent termites damage it can only reveal if you have an infestation. An ABC news segment report stated that Formosan, subterranean termites can get in and damage a brand new home almost before the paint dries.When you use a termite control specialist year round the don’t just detect the presence of termites but can eradicate the entire colony. Using the very tireless nature of termites against them the set up bait stations and the hard working pests soon find their way to the bait which they find more attractive than wood. From there they return through the tunnel past other soldiers at work eventually finding their way to the Queen signaling the end of the colony.

The best plan to eliminate termites in your home is through year round service, why not contact your Local Pest Control professional and start protecting your home right now.

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