Get More Consumers to Hear About Your Brand

If you had to give an approximate percentage of how many consumers have heard about you, any idea what it may be?

Sure, that can be a hard figure to come up with. This is especially the case if you are not doing any research, surveys and more.

That said you can do some digging to get an idea of how your brand is being perceived by the buying public.

Yes, the more consumers hearing about your brand, the better odds you have of landing business.

So, are enough people hearing about what you have to offer?

Spread the Word on What Your Brand Has to Offer

In getting more of the word out on what you have to offer, start by seeing how you stand compared to the competition.

One way to go about this is to see where your website ranks on Google and other key search engines. If the site is several pages back when consumers enter keyword terms to find you, you’ve got some work to do.

That said you can do more to get your website and your brand in general noticed both on and offline.

Among the areas to hone in on:

  1. Blog content – Putting interesting blog content out there for consumers to view is key. Given many consumers spend a lot of time online; you’d be foolish not to give them reasons to visit your website. By having good blog content online, you increase the odds of people having more interest in you. Along with content you publish straight to your site, try and get content out there on various sites. In the content, include some anchor text that will drive consumers to your website when they click on it. Before long, you could see a spike in your website traffic numbers.
  2. Podcasting – Doing a podcast on your own or conversations with others are ways to get your brand noted. It is not uncommon in today’s digital age for consumers to listen to podcasts. That is while driving their vehicles or sitting at a computer among other options. As such, deliver a message each time out that will resonate with many of them. If you don’t have top-notch facilities at your office for podcasts, it makes sense to rent a podcast studio. Find a studio with top-of-the-line equipment and personnel to help you with any needs you have. Before long, you could see an uptick in business as more consumers hear about what you have to offer.
  3. Networking events – Yes, it is still worth your time in today’s digital age to attend networking events. For example, do you go to conferences where consumers will be present? Have you invested time and effort into events in the local community? These are but two of the networking scenarios you should be involved with. Much business is done online today. That said a face-to-face meeting with a prospective customer can go a long way.

So that your business does not fall on deaf ears, make sure you are getting the word out there.

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