What are the top window trends for 2019?

Windows give your home’s facade character and curb appeal. Could yours use an update, and if so, what style should you choose? These top window trends for 2019 should inspire you to give your property a brand new look!

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Through the square window

The shape and orientation of your windows can help to create a sense of style and elegance. The Victorians first focused on using basic geometric shapes, but square windows look effortlessly modern, particularly if your house has a minimalist frontage.

Horizontal windows are another way to brighten up your exterior or interior. If you look out over a breathtaking view, try framing it with a landscape window. This style of the window works brilliantly in a kitchen to create a brighter interior.

Upgrade to triple glazing

If you want to control your carbon footprint, be more energy efficient and experience increased levels of comfort, consider triple glazing. Long a standard feature in Northern European homes, triple glazing is becoming increasingly common and could be the savvy choice if you’re upgrading old single-glazed windows.

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Energy-efficient windows come in an incredible variety of styles and materials, so there’s something to suit every home. Consult a Cheltenham double glazing specialist to discuss the options for your home. Just search for ‘Cheltenham double glazing’ online to find professional companies in your area.

Consider materials

Aluminium glazing is highly sustainable and adds instant chic to your exteriors. Aluminum frames have a high strength-to-weight ratio and can be manufactured with an extremely slim profile to maximize natural light.

Break out of your comfort zone and opt for black frames. Not only do these look sleek and modern, but they’re also extremely versatile, blending with any style of decor from period to contemporary.

Add drama with oversized windows

If you want to increase the brightness in your home, opt for dramatically oversized windows that make a huge style statement while flooding your home with natural light. Multi-paned blacksmith windows that stretch from floor to ceiling can blend effortlessly with classical decor or bring a facade right up to date.

Tap into the longstanding lifestyle trend for bringing the outdoors inside with beautiful and versatile sliding or bi-fold glazed doors. Choose materials to suit the style of your property, and add tempered glass for security and resistance to wear and tear.


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