Sodium Cyanide Levels from Last Week’s Blast In Tianjin Past The Safety Limit

Sodium Cyanide Levels from Last Week’s Blast In Tianjin Past The Safety Limit

Just last week, there was a deadly chemical blast in a warehouse in Tianjin, northern China. The blast that felt like an earthquake was reported to have destroyed about 17,000 homes, claimed 114 lives and destroyed about 3,000 cars. The blast released sodium cyanide which is a highly toxic chemical according to fox news live streaming Residents in the area are quite concerned with the effects of a long exposure to the chemical both in water and in the air as the chemical is known to kill rapidly.

It is said that despite there being a ‘warning zone’ the contamination may have spread considering that thousands of dead fish were discovered at the Haihe River in the city that the exact cause of the death has not been established as investigations are ongoing although reports indicate that a number of factors could cause the death. The immediate cause of the blast that also affected a number of companies has not been identified. A team of committee that is supposed to give a responsible answer was appointed.

Sodium Cyanide Levels from Last Week’s Blast In Tianjin Past The Safety Limit

Due to the blast that has released a toxic chemical that is said to be hundreds of times higher than the safety limit, several people were arrested 10 executives including the chairman of Rui Hai International Logistics, Yu Xuewei are those that were put into custody. Corporate negligence and safety violations could have played the greater role in the blast that has caused mass destruction.

Kevin Daigle’s truck had stuck in a ditch in Lake Charles last Sunday. As Senior Trooper Steven Vincent was passing by, he stopped and urged Daigle to get out of the car according to a statement given by Col. Mike Edmonson. As per the news on is that the man came out of the car with a shotgun and fired with about three buckshot pellets hitting the trooper in the head. He was later seen talking to the victim telling him that he would soon die.

After the incident, about three drivers are said to have stopped in order to help Vincent who was already on the ground. They wrestled the gunman down, took the sawed-off shotgun from him and handcuffed him using the handcuffs from the 13-year state police veteran. Vincent responded to a call that reported Daigle’s maroon Dodge pickup truck being dangerously driven. In the same afternoon, the car that had a camper shell was reported in a ditch.

The men who wrestled Kevin who is aged 54 were not hurt but the trooper is fighting for his life while Daigle was taken to hospital as he suffered from scrapes. According to on the Internet is that Vincent, a father of a nine year old son was critically injured. This is not the first time that he is in the wrong side of the law as he has several other charges and numerous DWIs. One of his charges is an attempted first-degree murder.

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