Functionality and Design in Innovation Projects for the Pharmacy

Experts assure that to go beyond the simple status of business it is good to focus on furniture, aesthetics and practicality. Nowadays the pharmacy is a real reference-point for both patients, who have heath problems and people who want to prevent or to acquire a well-being status.A third millennium pharmacy has to answer to those needs mentioned above and the answer lies in the innovative reality. Furniture and functionality to go beyond the status of a business The most visited pharmacies are those that have been able to create new spaces with completely innovative furnishing, aesthetics, practicality and functionality.Patients find an ally in the pharmacist who is able to provide support in close connection with the doctor who diagnosed the disease. For those who simply want to monitor blood sugar, blood pressure, do simple blood tests, the pharmacy becomes the right place to guarantee this type of service.

More and more space to the service area in the pharmacy

Achieving a state of psycho-physical well-being is easier thanks to the service area provided by some pharmacies, which offer advice on weight loss, ensure a direct knowledge of products such as supplement. Additionally pharmacies provide expert staff for the use of dressing products, dermocosmetics, and orthopaedic items.

The pharmacy planet: complex and constantly evolving

The pharmacy planet has ever-changing needs that are difficult to answer. As a result new companies have emerged that contribute to business and social development. They offer support in the design of automated warehousing systems, in the furnishing of spaces and service areas.

We talk about offers such as that proposed by the Th.Kohl Group, which has a mission easy to understand by scrolling the website

The perfect project comes from the combination of furniture and communication

Integrated projects are the novelty that is proposed to new-generation pharmacies.

They redefine the offer keeping in mind two fundamental elements that are intertwined to guarantee the social and corporate success of pharmacies. The two elements are the furniture projects and the development of communication.

The furniture projects take care of the aesthetic side and the functionality of an environment.

The development of communication helps the pharmacy to come into contact with the costumer.

To sum up the success of a pharmacy also depends on the development of design exhibition systems able to respond to practical and functional needs, the placement of technical equipment and the implementation of galenic laboratories and service booths.

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