6 Tips on How to Dress Casually with Style

6 Tips on How to Dress Casually with Style

Many people like to dress casually when they are going on an outing. They give you a simpler look. However, the casual dressing can also be stylish if you know how to match with the right clothes. The following are 6 tips on how to dress casually with style.

Avoid Tight Clothes

The first rule of casual dress code is to avoid tight clothing. Tight-fitting clothes make it harder for you to walk. Instead, choose looser clothing like baggy track pants from MKI clothing. They are more relaxing and also appropriate for wearing wherever you go. Before buying, check to make sure the waist rubber band on the pant is tight. The length of the pants should ideally reach up to the heel and not longer than that.

Wear Short Clothes on a Hot Day

If it is a hot day, you can wear short denim pants and sandals. You should choose shorts that are made from cooler material like nylon. The shorts can be a few inches above your knee. Short pants are ideal for hanging out with friends, or school. You can also wear shirts with short sleeve. Short-sleeved shirts enable you to show off your biceps and bring out the young spirit in you. The tip is suitable for you even if you are not muscular.

Avoid Graphic Tees

Graphic tees attract a lot of attention and are not a good fashion choice for young men. Some people can also get offended by this kind of shirt especially if it has complex graphics. They also make you look childish. Too much graphic scribbles on the shirt can also give you a dirty look. If you still want to wear this type of tees, you should choose one with simple graphics.

Wear a Casual Outerwear

You can top your outfit with casual outerwear. A sleeveless jacket can make you feel carefree as it is loose and not buttoned up. If you want to feel cosy, you can wear a hoodie or sweater. You can wear it to an air-conditioned shopping center to keep yourself in a good mood while walking around to buy your stuff. Plaid style long-sleeved buttoned-up shirt can give you a reminiscence of the old days in the 90s. Military and leather jackets can also give you a rugged look. You can choose faux leather if you like leather but don’t want to wear an animal product.

Baggy Cargo Shorts Give You a Shorter Look

Baggy cargo shorts are perfect for short people. They are ideal for wearing to a golf club. You can also wear baggy cargo shorts if you are tall. This type of shorts gives the impression that you have short legs because of the small gap between your shorts and shoes. If you don’t want to look short, you can choose baggy cargo shorts that cover up to half of your knee.

Shirts with Repetitive Patterns

If you have no money, you can just buy shirts with lots of repetitive patterns. This type of shirts is often on promotional discount at the shopping mall. However, if you want to look unique, you should avoid this style as other people can also buy this type of clothes and wear the same clothing when going on an outing. A plain shirt with solid color works even better. Just choose a solid color plain shirt that is made from high-quality cotton.

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