Tips for Improving Your Hiring Process

Tips for Improving Your Hiring Process

Finding and hiring people with the right fit for an open position can be difficult. Forty-five percent of global businesses didn’t find talent with the skills they needed to fill a position (The Manpower Group, 2018). Employers should consider that their hiring process makes it challenging to find talent with the desired skills. For example, job descriptions for open positions might be misleading with poor wording, which could deter someone from applying. In other cases, businesses don’t acquire new talent because hiring teams lack effective communication with applicants.

With improved job descriptions and consistent application status updates to candidates, businesses can optimize the hiring process. A hiring process that encourages the best applicants to apply ensures employers that they can select from the best talent.

Improve Job Descriptions

Many employers post ads for open positions on job listing sites or their business’ website. Business owners can use JavaScript, a programming language, to make their websites interactive and provide dynamic web content. JavaScript runs within all web browsers and enables web developers to create functional web pages that respond to users and provide satisfactory user experiences. To make content easy to view, web developers can use an online JavaScript beautifier, such as Prettify JavaScript. Prettify JavaScript instantly applies enhances the format of a JavaScript code.

This online JavaScript beautifier makes spacing and positioning adjustments and other modifications to JavaScript codes, making content stylish and easy for users to view, understand, and read. Legible JavaScript codes enable web page functionality and use for candidates visiting business websites to read job descriptions for available positions.

The Wall Street Journal reports that companies can deter qualified applicants from seeking open positions when the job descriptions they post consist of long lists of responsibilities the company requires of employees. American and Canadian researchers David Jones, Joseph Schmidt, and Derek Chapman found job ads that detail how companies can help candidates receive more responses from highly rated applicants compared to job ads that focus on companies’ expectations of candidates.

The CareerBuilder 2016 Candidate Behavior study found that candidates prefer job listings that include descriptive information of total benefits packages, the work-life balance of the company, the work environment, and the hierarchy of the role and team structure.

Companies should follow through on the expectations set in job descriptions. People looking for great company culture and growth opportunities, as described in job ads, may base their application decision on the expectation that companies will fulfill their obligations to employees. Job posts that provide applicants with realistic descriptions of what to expect as an employee can attract the right talent.

Act As Quickly As Possible

Moving fast when reviewing applications is crucial, as the best candidates may consider applying for competing positions or accepting competitors’ offers. A lengthy hiring process can result in a company losing great potential employees. CareerBuilder’s Candidate Behavior Study found that 66 percent of applicants will wait less than two weeks to hear from employers before moving on to other job opportunities.

Answering applicants’ questions and concerns and providing application status updates can prevent the loss of talent to competitors.

Consider How Personalities Impact The Job

A candidate with the skills necessary to perform a job could be a good fit for a position, but a candidate with the right skills and personality might be a better fit. The way someone’s personality type aligns with everyday job tasks can determine if they’re a good fit for a position, despite the skills they have.

A cost-effective way to determine if job seekers have personalities that can be assets to a business is to conduct an online employee assessment test. Employers can consult for access to online recruitment skills tests and aptitude assessments that enable them to ensure their hires have the personality, skills, and abilities to benefit their business.

Having an efficient hiring process where candidates receive detailed information on the jobs they’re applying for and application status updates, and using resources that assist in the selection of candidates with fitting personalities and talent can ensure businesses that they won’t waste time and money on the wrong hire.

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