6 Signs of Bad Education Advisors

Students should make sure that they can avoid bad education advisors. Here are signs of bad education advisors:

  1. They take credit for students’ accomplishments: Some advisors claim students’ works and papers as their own. There are cases of advisor who destroys works that students have developed when they were in vacation. They accuse that these students have left for good and claim the work as their own.
  2. They don’t clearly define the proper graduation process: Some advisors intentionally withhold information related to the graduation process and this could cause students to fail during deadlines. In this case, it can be quite expensive for students to achieve the planned graduation and they need to pay advisors specific fees. Advisors may argue that they don’t know about this information and others have withheld it from them, which isn’t true. They could also end up blaming students that they are supposed to be a responsible adult and could find the information on their own. This is a bad behaviour that’s intended to trap students.
  3. They don’t give draft on time: Some bad advisors intentionally avoid giving students drafts on time, when it is necessary for them to register. This improper action is more prevalent for advisors of online universities. In this case, they could be more interested in making money instead of helping students. Some students could even fail to complete their education, because they run out of money before they manage to finish the dissertation. When applying to an online university, we should make sure that the education institution is very trustworthy and there are check and balances. In this case, we should avoid choosing online institutions that are abusive to students towards the last phase of the education. It means that we should get reviews about the online universities.
  4. They make too many corrections: It can be really annoying of the education advisors keep on making corrections. In fact, these advisors deliberately correct their own corrections as an attempt to delay the progress. They will try to convince students that they make necessary changes. They will read a few paragraphs and immediately find a few wrong things. They could further confuse students by giving unhelpful and unclear comments.
  5. They insist students on copying the same format over and over again: Some advisors are egoistical and arrogant enough to thing that they have the world’s best thesis or dissertation format. In this case, the advisor could be unable to create flexible formats that match specific situations. Although there’s no perfect dissertation or thesis, advisors should be proficient enough to be able to provide students with the best format for specific situation.
  6. They urge students to propose a large project: In many cases, it isn’t necessary for students to perform a very large project. This could cause them to spend too much time and spend too much money. This could allow advisors to get extra money from the project.
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