Effective Ways To Increase Your Web Sites Business

Identify your lost chances and try to make the most of them.

It is all in the figures.

America sports, movies and other American media show that the figures or stats are very important and at times more important then the result. For example some stats or figures that you here a lot are things like number of home runs, bases stolen, rebounds, triple doubles and yards covered. What I have taken from this is that statistics or stats for short are a clear indication of your performance and how well or how badly you are doing.

Most stats are useless but there are a few that are helpful and quite useful if analyzed and taken note of. There are a lot of things we tend to ignore about our website stats.

The significance of stats and figures came to me again but this time over the weekend. It happened on 1 of my sites, this site targets the South African market which is a rather small market and it sells marketing workshops of the internet kind.

Going through the figures during the weekend I noticed that:

  • About 50% of my web sites viewers and users do not live or reside in South Africa
  • The booking page for my “Advanced Workshop on Web Design” gets almost 60% of the total visitors and 80% enter my site through this page.

This page is booking page only but it seems to be attracting many visitors and most of them are not even from South Africa and this page has nothing for them unless they are making a booking.

With all this traffic I must then find a way to benefit from this traffic and make it work for me and to my advantage.

Things I need to do:

  • Offer better navigation to the course page
  • Provide an effective home study course on Web Designing
  • Provide SEO and eBooks on Web Designing

This little story shows that stats and figures are very important and that you should check them and try to understand them. Look for lost and new opportunities.

Keywords that you have created and come up with should target a specific market. You should be careful and diligent in choosing and coming up with keywords. Search engines will highlight and choose certain pieces of content on web site and web page differently from other material on your page or site. For instance your title may be highlighted and considered more important then other material. So with this in mind be careful when choosing the main keywords. This will tell the search engine everything about your content.

After you have put the keyword in the title make sure you include the same phrase in the body of the text. However this should be done naturally and not forced. Try to aim between 1 to 3% in key word density. That is for every 100 words your keyword should show up 1 to 3 times. The keyword should show up often enough to show search engines that the content and material centres on that phrase or word.

It would be a wise choice to include a few longtail key words as well in your content. So your key word should have 4 or more words which have less competition. By doing this you will fully optimize your content and you will enhance the main keyword.

Remember to create your web site and your web site content with Search Engine Optimization in mind, and this will go a very long way in promoting and encouraging search engines to choose your web site over other web sites. Social media and book marking sites are a great place to look and get started. Submit new material and content on these sites and if your material is popular you will get plenty of visitors and search engines will notice.

If this does not work then you may have to build back links. This simply involves linking your web site to other similar and related web sites. Remember links are very different and there are good links and bad links. So try to link your site to respectable and reputable sites, these carry more weight with search engines.

SEO is not easy and the fact that no one really knows what search engines are looking for and how they operate only makes it even more difficult. The best thing is to try out different things and experiment and try to find out what works for your site. Take note that what might work for one site might not necessarily work for another especially since the algorithm for Google is constantly changing.

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