PhuketFit: A HIT With Australians

Getting fit, healthy, and building a body that you’ve always dreamed of having is most certainly not a simple process, if it was everybody would be doing it. The entire process takes weeks, months, even years of hard work, motivation, dedication, willpower, and of course, help from all of the right places. Now, when we think of getting fit and healthy, we probably think of heading to our local health food store or joining the local gym a few miles away. The last thing we’d think of doing, would be to hop on a boat or a plane, and travel to a foreign country to help us meet our goals, yet for many Australians, that’s exactly what they’re doing as more and more of them are travelling to Thailand to stay at the PhuketFit health, fitness, and wellness retreat and resort. But what exactly is it about PhuketFit that has attracted so many Australians from an entirely different country? Well, let’s take a look shall we.

About PhuketFit – As you can probably imagine right now, for so many people to be willing to travel to another country to help meet their goals and targets regarding their bodies, health, and fitness in general, PhuketFit will probably have to be something pretty special, and special it most certainly is. PhuketFit is considered the best health, fitness, and wellness retreat in all of Thailand, possibly the continent of Asia, and one of the best in the entire world. At PhuketFit, they care about each and every one of their guests, and don’t just see them as walking money signs. PhuketFit offers:

• Total fitness packages

• Weight loss packages

• Cleanse and detox packages

Each of these packages can be tailor-made to suit each and every individual, no matter their age, gender, shape, size, or athletic ability.

What facilities do they offer? – During construction, no expense was spared at PhuketFit, and that shows in the sheer quality and quality of the facilities on offer at PhuketFit. At the retreat, guests will find:

• Luxury accommodation

• A fitness area

• A top of the range gym

• TRX suspension training area

• Yoga studio

• Kickboxing studio

• Dance studio

• A healthy cafe/restaurant

• And much more besides…

Who stays at the retreat? – Each and every single year, Thailand sees a number of backpackers and travellers from all across the world, especially Australia, visit the area. Many of these travellers and backpackers obviously haven’t had access to healthy produce and have probably consumed far too many beers and so their bodies need a little TLC, so many travellers frequent the resort. However, everyday individuals also make a conscious effort to pack their bags and head to PhuketFit in a bid to take back their health and fitness before it’s too late. People from all walks of life stay at the retreat, and the friendly and highly experienced staff welcome each and every single one of them.

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