What Makes A Premium E-Juice?

What Makes A Premium E-Juice?

Once you know the basics of how an e-juice is formulated, it can be tough to come to terms with the fact that what amounts to the price of about a gallon of PG and a gallon of VG and enough nicotine to last you a few months comes together to match the price of about two or three vials of premium juice. As per Gizmodo, e-juices are very easily mixed with as little as four ingredients.

What Makes A Premium E-Juice?

But delve deeper into the world of homemade e-juices, and you’ll know what you’re paying for. There might not be much of a difference between your oatmeal and the oatmeal a chef may prepare for you, but take on the challenge of searing a quality steak and you’ll know how difficult it can be to perfectly create something relatively simple. E-juices differentiate themselves between homemade and premium mixes not by the quality of their base, but by that tiny 5-10 percent of whatever else may be in that bottle.

The Difference Between Your Mix and “Premium”

The difference is a matter of time and resources – premium e-juices can actually proudly wear that label because there’s quite a lot that goes into making one kind of VG/PG mix different from another.

Deviance in base ratios is one aspect. Your PG/VG ratio is extremely important, especially if you’re a PG lover and need that heavy throat hit, or if you’re slightly allergic to PG and want a pure VG juice, which as per WiseGeek is entirely harmless, and even soothing. And then there’s the nicotine, and how much of it you can (or want to) handle.

About 85 to 95 percent of your average 60ml e-juice container contains the exact same base ingredients, but on the other hand, it’s that tiny percentage of other ingredients that really makes all the difference.

As per Zodist, the factors range from imported flavorings to the right aging, the right bottle, careful mixing and endless testing. Through all that, premium e-juice companies turn e-juice making into an art, akin to cooking and brewing, producing deliciousness like the Milkman e-liquid.

Don’t Always Buy the Hype

While it’s true that the average backyard mix is typically miles away in quality from what a really good e-juice company can produce, there’s also the fact that a price tag doesn’t automatically dictate quality. Like with plenty of other products on the Internet, buying online means following the basic etiquette of due diligence. Reputable retailers like West Coast Vape Supply might be able to equip you with a selection of quality e-juices, but for every Milkman e-liquid there’s a dozen expensive-but-mediocre mixtures.

Reviews are invaluable in this case. Through the collective opinions of dozen other experienced vapers, you can determine whether or not an e-juice is worth investing in. Then again, you also have to take into consideration that sometimes, an e-juice can be good but not in a way you enjoy.

In Conclusion

That aside, premium products are generally recognizable by their stellar reputation, both through retailer reviews and general forum conversations and blog information. The art lies, as with other services and products online, in seeing through the lies and hyperbole to find the real, genuine quality stuff – the kind you’ll gladly pay money for, because it really is that good.

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