City Flowers: Wonders Of Modern Gardening In Spain

The most of the world countries boast the beautiful flowers and plants they have. Those flowers got the status of the country symbolы. Spain is a country of the beautiful flowers. It has its own aromas, colors, legends. So, it is time to start the flowers parade. What flowers can be easily met on the streets and parks of Spain?



Flamenco, guitar, bullfighting, tomato fights, gazpacho are the symbols of Spain. All these symbols are associated with red color. You can meet here the carnations of different colors, not only red. The red flowers are in honor. They are considered to be the symbols of love and passion. A young man who wants to express his passion, he will send the red carnations. It sounds like: My heart is yours. It is also a good tradition to fasten these beautiful flowers on the hair. The white flower says: My heart is still free.

The carnation is a sort of heat and light-loving plants. They don’t like much water and stagnation. The climate and soils of Spain are favorable for them. It is not a secret that this flower is a symbol of the country to be in a high popularity for locals.

Pomegranate Tree

Spain is the biggest exporter of pomegranates in Europe. The biggest plantations of this fruit are traditionally situated in Anadolu. Looking attentively on the official emblem of Spain, you can see the pomegranate tree with the leaves and fruits to be the symbol of this concrete province. The flowers of the tree are red-pink-orange color. The plant likes heat and does not like stagnation. It makes the trees to live long in Spain.


Meet the beautiful flowered bush that you can easily grow in your own house. The flower came from the South America. It is especially good for soils of tropic and subtropics climate. You can easily meet it in the parks and streets of Spain. Thus, there are many flowers of Lantana on the South coast of the country. The color of the flower depends on the age of it. It can be yellow, orange, red, purple. It seems that Lantana is already decorated with lots of multicolored tones. It smells like a lemon tree.

Lantana Bandana Cherry Sunrise


This flower came from the South Africa. It became the symbol of Spain just because of its beauty and plainness. Now, this is a popular place for the USA, South Europe. Gazania is very attractive for the local landscape. Its bright flowers of all hot tones are in harmony with palms and cactuses around. It is no surprising that Garzinia is often met in the parks and gardens all over the city.

Other Flowers

It is difficult to name all the flowers that Spanish people love. The most of them you can also meet in the parks and gardens of the most of European cities. Nevertheless, the climate of the country makes all local flowers brighter and especially attractive. The most popular balcony flower is pelargonium. The street buildings are also decorated with the geranium pots of red and pink color. The flower pots are usually placed on the walls of the building.

There are hibiscuses of all colors and tones. This is a plant of many small flowers. You can meet the big bushes of hibiscuses, covered with the heat of flowers. You can meet oleanders in all country regions, along the roads, in the yards. They can be different the brightest colors ever: white, peach, pink, red. The locals pay much attention to roses. This is the most romantic flower here. The rose flowers are in bloom very early because of the favorable climate. They don’t live long because of the same reason.

It is also important to say about the big variety of flowered and fruity citrus trees, amazing cactuses, palms, petunias. All these flowers are also popular to plant at home in the flower pots and hang them outside of the wall of the building. All buildings, ladders, windowsills attract with their flowered and aromatic view.


Jardines de L’Albarda en Pedreguer

Speaking about the flowers of Spain, you should visit Alicante. Why? Hire a car in Alicante and go about 88 kilometers from the city to Pedreguer, Alicante province. There is a beautiful garden there that is named Jardines de L’Albarda en Pedreguer. This is your chance to go back to the past to the Renaissance era. You can see how the gardens of Valencia looked like many years ago. There is an Arabian flow here. The garden is considered to be the best perfect garden ever. It was founded in 1990. The green place was presented to the FUNDEM Fund that takes care of Mediterranean plants and animals.

The garden welcomes you every day from 10 a.m. till 2 p.m. The entrance fee for adults is 5 EUR. The garden personnel speak in many different languages: Spanish, English, Valencian, German and Holland. You should come close to the garden gates and push the bell button. The territory of many plants and trees welcomes you. The garden occupies the territory of 50 000 square meters. It consists of two parts: Wild garden and Formal garden. There are more than 700 sorts of the local plants.

Orange Tree in CA

The garden is must see place that was created according to the principles of the modern gardening. The result is impressive! The plants are chosen by the principle of reproducing itself. It is very convenient. There is one more amazing place to see near the garden. Welcome to the Jardin de naranjos – garden full of citrus trees. It consists of two parts. What an amazing aroma you can fell here in spring! There are many orange and tangerine trees. The juicy fruits hang out of the trees to be the bright spots in the green garden. That’s amazing!

In one word, welcome to Spain! This is the variety of beautiful flowers, colors, odors and fresh emotions. You will be in a good mood, definitely!

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