How To Improve Your Google Ads Keyword Quality

Google Ads Keyword Quality – sounds super fancy and even a little intimidating right? But don’t worry, it’s really not. Let’s break it down for a second…

Google Ads are a form of PPC (Pay-Per-Click) or paid advertising. This type of advertising strategy allows you to pay for a spot on search engine results pages. Google Ads is an extremely popular form of paid advertising and is very useful for small businesses that may not have the time to achieve an organic search engine listing.

But before we talk about how to improve your Google Ads Keyword quality let’s take a moment to fully understand what Google Ad Keywords are.

What Are Google Ad Keywords?

Google Ad Keywords are words or phrases that Google uses to match your ads with terms people use in their online searches. Using high quality keywords that are relevant to your particular advertising campaign can help your business reach customers more effectively.

How Do They Work?

In digital marketing visibility is everything. So it makes sense that the same applies to Google Ad Keywords. If you want your ads to appear when someone searches for your brand, product or service, the keywords you select need to match the words or phrases that are typed into the search engine.

In practice it would work something like this…

If you own a comic book store you can use “comic book store” as one of your Google Ad Keywords. So when someone searches for “comic book stores” on Google, the chances of your ad appearing in the search results increase.

Improving Your Google Ad Keyword Quality

When it comes to internet searches relevance is everything. This is because people usually ignore things they aren’t interested in and only focus on stuff that’s relevant to them.

This means that your Keyword Quality or Keyword Quality Score has a massive impact on the effectiveness of your paid advertising (PPC) campaign. If you want your Google Ads to be relevant to the audience they’re reaching, your keyword selection needs to be on point.

Here are a few helpful tips to improve your Google Ad Keyword Quality…

  • Keyword Selection

When choosing keywords make sure they directly relate to the specifics of your ads. It’s also a good idea to use keywords (that are technically phrases) which contain two or three words instead of just one. This is because people usually search for a phrase (like “comic book stores”) rather than a single word.

  • Advert Structure

When creating your ad campaign make sure it’s relevant to your brand, product ordigitalservice. You want your ads to be specific when they appear in searches. Creating smaller more targeted ad campaigns you increase the relevance of your keywords. Try to include your keywords in the ad’s headline and display text too.

  • Optimized Ad Copy

Always try to create ad copy that is tailored to your keywords. By doing this the relevance of your keywords in relation to your ads increases. This will improve your keyword quality and increase your click-through rate too.Including keywords into your actual ad copy will give your ads an extra boost.

  • Custom Landing Page

Make sure that your landing pages contain your targeted keywords in its content. For optimal keyword quality, try to create a custom landing page for each of your ads. Your landing pages should always contain content that incorporates your targeted keywords for each ad. It may seem tedious and will (realistically) take a little longer, but it will improve the relevance of your keywords. This will also increase your click-through rate and keep your customers happy.

  • Optimize Landing Page Load Time

Nobody likes waiting a long time for pages to load. So it’s very imperative that your ad’s landing page load time is fully optimized. Take some time to test your landing pages load times and see how to improve their speed. Some contributing factors to slow loading pages are slow redirects, multiple redirects, a slow server and large page sizes.

In Summary…

Your keyword quality or Keyword Quality Score has a massive impact on the effectiveness of your paid advertising (PPC) campaign. By optimizing your keywords your ads will find themselves in front of your desired target audience. You will also get better exposure for your business. And who doesn’t want that?

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