What Can You Do With A Double Deck Booth?

What Can You Do With A Double Deck Booth?

A double deck booth is one of the most intriguing types of booths you can offer when you’re promoting your wares at a trade show. You can get a double deck booth from ExpoMarketing to help you promote your business in style. The features of such a booth are intriguing as this space offers a fine way for people to promote their wares in a unique form.

What Is a Double Deck Booth?

A double deck booth is a unit that offers a great space for people to climb up and down on. What happens here is that you will have a basic trade show display on the bottom level. But there is also an elevated second level that goes at the top of your booth.

The second level will be accessible through a small staircase. The staircase can lead up to a space where you can engage in all sorts of activities. You can set up a bar area or a demo space that lets people see something away from the main display spot.

An Enclosed Space

You have the option to make the top level on your double deck booth a private space. This would entail a series of walls that surround the sides of the second level. Adding those walls is perfect if you want to create a private spot or a VIP-like area.

Things You Can Do

The second level on your double deck booth can be utilized with many intentions on mind. You can get that part of your booth to work as a convenient space for meetings with others. This could include private chats with clients who might want to set up partnerships with you or order something you are offering. You could even hold a conference away from the public on the second level.

You can also produce a relaxing space on the second level. You can set up a small bar or lounge area for people to have some fun in. This can provide for a little respite from the stress that comes with promoting things on the first level of the double deck booth.

Make Sure You Have Enough Room

Although a double deck booth can make for an appealing place to check out, you should look at how well large the booth can be. ExpoMarketing can help you with finding a double deck booth that is at least 20 feet in length on each side. A larger space may be needed when you consider the stairwell needed for the top deck and the added supports needed to keep things intact. Don’t forget to see that the booth can fit within the convention center or other space that you are setting up in.

Look at what you can do when getting an appealing double deck booth ready for use for your promotional needs. You will find this option from ExpoMarketing to be more interesting and valuable for your marketing needs than anything else you might find.

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