5 Key Metrics That Indicate The Success Of Any SEO Campaign

5 Key Metrics That Indicate The Success Of Any SEO Campaign

The best way to measure the success of any Search Engine Optimization campaign is its result in conversions and on the top line growth of a company. Apart from that, there are other parameters in analytics that allows one to derive a strategy towards the construction of methods that can undoubtedly deliver brilliant SEO outcome within a given span of time.

Search Engine Optimization is a way to trick Google’s complex engine in believing that the keyword has topped the charts with merely high demand. This method involves detailed analysis of all the words that might revolve around the name of the product, brand or its services. It’s a creative art to shortlist keywords that are identical to the product or others and throws the maximum relevancy link of the company website.

Importance of setting Performance Metrics

The concept of organic search is a complex and time consuming process that involves detailed understanding and involvement of an expert in building a plan to deliver results towards the relevant keywords within a set timeline. On the contrary, if this effort is not continued post the reflection of a given keyword, your brand or company page shall be stepped upon by competition bidding on the same keyword using the same SEO methodology. Therefore, before setting any target or even beginning the campaign, you need to set performance metrics that help you as well as the client understand the results of your efforts and set an expectancy number as a goal.

Here are such top 5 performance metrics that define the success of any SEO campaign:

Website Traffic

If a SEO campaign is undertaken on multiple search engines, the analysis of where the maximum traffic has come from plays a vital role in modifying the strategy and investments at any point in time. This analysis allows you to understand the volume contribution of every engine and its estimated market share. This also helps you determine intricate details of the campaign with respect to trying out new keywords each week, if the numbers drop or spike on all or one engine, you shall immediately come to know what methodology or strategy works the best for the campaign.

Referrals by the Search Engine

Specific keywords, terms or phrases, can work on particular engines. Therefore, it is important to understand which engine responds to a keyword better compared to the other. This is a daily process, therefore, employing someone who can keep a close eye on the performance of each keyword is very important. According to the performance, the SEO tracker can determine circulation of articles or back linking required for the success of the campaign. When you connect with an agency, that has a model of affordable SEO packages, you shall get a dedicated workforce of a team or an individual that thoroughly understands the process. This helps you to concentrate on your entire marketing plan and not just one element of things.

Link Building

This is the trickiest process of SEO. Link building, if not done correctly, can lead to a website being penalized or absolutely removed from the search engine. When it comes to link building, many affordable SEO packages selling websites conduct malpractices by increasing the volumes of back-links in emails, social or search. This leads to a low score of being discovered by the search authorities and shutting down the business.

Very few experts know that a back-link is worth 50 links if done on a high ranked website. If you have undertaken the cheaper route before, there are many tools available in the market that can clean up all your www links. With this you can start afresh and create a new strategy for link building. The best way to approach this method is by constantly referring to the search mandates or procedures to avoid link failures.

Keyword Ranking

This is the most important performance metrics of a successful SEO campaign. It is the job of a skilled person, who not only understands the business but also can narrow the streamlined sentiments and business propositions in keywords. These keywords and the entire SEO campaign shall be incorporated in various SEO methodologies such as back-linking, article submission, bookmarking, etc.

The keyword that shall appeal the most to the target audience will be openly accepted reflecting on the spike in the website ranking on Google or other search engine. As Google works on a descending mechanism, a lower number such as no. 1 shall depict that this is the number one website on Google search with the maximum number of visitors and one that abides to all the legal laws of gaining traffic on a search engine.

Overall Revenue

Yes, conversions and revenues go hand in hand. Though, there are many affordable SEO packages, the ultimate objective of any marketing activity is its return on investment which is calculated with respect to the amount spent versus the amount earned through the campaign. Therefore, you need to also determine the off marketing activities that shall determine the success of the campaign such as total number of forms filled, total number of purchases, total number of downloads, etc. These numbers help you evaluate the spends versus the outcome and the profit margins in a given business. It can also help in building both online as well as offline strategies especially for businesses that deal in both worlds or conduct connected businesses such as Zara where you can buy in a store as well as online.

With these top 5 key performance metrics you can easily determine the success of a SEO campaign even if you are not an expert. Just ask your SEO expert to hand over all the analyzing tools logins with you, if they are not comfortable with that, daily, weekly and monthly reports should do the trick. Lastly, if you are embarking on a SEO campaign for the first time, don’t get tricked by those who say they can show results in a week or few weeks or even few (2-3) months. It takes time to show results if done correctly. If you are seeing results within a week or few weeks, there is something wrong with your SEO campaign and may give you more harm later.

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