Can Curling Shingles Be Fixed?

Can Curling Shingles Be Fixed?

A shingle is a very integral part of your roof. Shingles are roof coverings made up of various materials laid to overlap each other to repel water and protect the top of the house. It may consist of various materials like asphalt, metal, plastic, and fiber cement, among others. However, like any part of the home, shingles are prone to wear and tear. They could break, lift, and even curl depending on the circumstances, curling being one of the most common problems with shingles.

Why Do Shingles Curl?

Shingles curl for a number of reasons, but unlike shingles that break or lift, the culprit is not the weather condition. Most of the reasons why shingles curl is really just human error.

One of the most obvious causes is improper installation. You or your contractor may have failed to hit the nail in the proper place or failed to nail each individual shingle. The shingles curl because there are not enough nails or materials to hold them down.

Another known cause of shingle curling is inadequate ventilation. Believe it or not, your ventilation affects the life of your shingles. Proper ventilation ensures that no heat or moisture is trapped from any surface of the house. However, when there is poor ventilation, there is always a tendency for moisture and heat to be displaced. The displacement usually happens on the highest parts of the house like the attic. When heat and moisture are trapped, they tend to cause the shingles to curl from the bottom, causing premature wear and tear.

Lastly, your shingles could curl because of its old age. If your roof has been there for a really long time, they are bound to curl. Shingles can’t stay on forever. Like anything, they have a useful life. If they are more than 10 years old and they start to curl, it may just be because it is time to replace them.

How Can Curling Shingles Be Fixed?

If your shingles have not curled due to old age, then your curling shingles can still be fixed. The key is to do it at the right time by using the proper tools.

The best time to fix a curling shingle is when the weather is warm. Shingles are more malleable during warm climates and tend to be more brittle during winter. Take a roofing sealant and apply some using a caulking gun onto the curled shingle. Once applied, push the shingle down until it is flat on the surface and weigh it down with a brick or two for 24 hours. This is to ensure that the shingle remains flatly on the surface and that the sealant has totally dried. When your sealant dries it will be as good as new.

Note that the solution to shingle curling is not the same for every shingle. There may be shingles, like asphalt shingles, that can no longer be fixed and may only require replacement.

In the end, if you really want your roof shingles to last, the best way to do it is to address the cause of why they curl. There may be a solution to curling shingles, but as they say, prevention is better than cure. Contact a roofing contractor for the best advice regarding issues with your roof.

Written by True Son Exteriors, the best contractor for roofing in Columbia, MO.

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