These 5 Lentil Recipes Are A Must Try!

These 5 Lentil Recipes Are A Must Try!

Dal is a very important dish for every Indian. At least one of our meals will contain a preparation that includes dal. Not to forget dal is very nutritious and has high amounts of proteins in it. It is one of the primary most sources of proteins for all vegetarians because they do not consume meat of any sort. For those who are not aware of the term dal, they must know that dal means lentils and we are going to be a lot about cooked lentils in this article.

So, in today’s article I will be talking about some of the famous dal recipes that are famously had in our country and widely consumed.

  1. Dal makhani– dal makhani is a Punjabi dal recipe that s widely eaten in the northern side of our country. Anyone who loves authentic Punjabi cuisine will definitely love this preparation. The primary ingredient in this preparation is a combination of black lentils that is also known as urad in Hindi and red kidney beans that is commonly known as rajma. It is a very rich preparation as it uses butter and cream in a huge quantity. You could also try this out at home. The internet would be of much help. You could get the Dal makhani recipe and English as per your preference.
  2. Sambar dal– we all are well acquainted with sambhar dal and we love to have it with dosa or idli or even vada. This preparation is basically a vegetable stew that uses roasted lentils. One could use vegetables of their own choice that could include ladyfingers, eggplant, pumpkin, radish, carrots etc. it is a very healthy preparation as it has the goodness of all vegetables in a very tangy preparation that is very lip smacking.
  3. Gujarati dal– the Gujarati dal is a mixture of a number of spices, vegetables, peanuts and cooked lentils. This preparation uses urad dal. It has a mild taste and uses a little sugar in its preparation too. It is popularly eaten in the state of Gujarat. Thepreparation is quite easy and you could easily try this out at home. When you get bored of the same old dal recipe that is used in your home, then you should definitely experiment with this, it would give you the much needed change.
  4. Chana dal fry– this preparation uses chana that is commonly known as gram in English. This preparation uses vegetables in it that makes it a vegetable stew type. One could use vegetables of their own preference. But this is mostly made with gourd bottle or eggplant. You can prepare this at home for a change in taste and to break the monotony.
  5. Miaslpav– it is a famous Maharashtrian dish that is a very popularly had for breakfast. It is served with buns and a spicy curry that uses sprouted moth beans and it is garnished with potato, sev, lemons and onions. This dishis a must try when you visit Maharashtra.
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